Beautiful, Organic, Homemade Candles by PFK – Lifestyle Photographer Shropshire

PFK – Organic Homemade Candles – Lifestyle Photographer Shropshire

Last week i had the greatest of pleasure of meeting Paula – an incredibly talented local yoga instructor starting out on a new business venture of natural, homemade ethically sourced ingredient candles. As a Lifestyle Photographer Shropshire, it was great to hear all about the meaning behind the making of the candles and the relationships between the ingredients.

As a few of my last few posts, Paula’s shoot was also part of my small business offer (please feel free to drop me an email:, which have gone down a treat! I have meet some incredible talent over the past few weeks and will blog some more shoots soon!

We did the lifestyle shoot at a friend’s house which was perfect with the look we were trying to achieve – light, fresh, lifestyle and natural. The mutual friend’s house was lovely and bright in areas and also incredibly cosy and warm in others.

We incorporated natural ingredients, slices of lemon, sprigs of rosemary, to associate with the candles ingredients along with some bursts of lavender for a contrast in colours. We purposefully did not go over board with props as we wanted the candles to speak for themselves.

Paula is a yoga teacher,  loves reading and buddhism. We incorporated these interests when  we wanted to change it up and move to the living room to get some cosier photographs. Items such as crystals, beads ,inspiration books and text were a good place to start.

I really can not wait for when we photograph the “spring” season ideas very soon in Paula’s recently refurbished house.Photo of Paula the candle maker smiling outside with a cup of coffee in a floral dressThe smell of the candles were absolutely devine and once the lifestyle shoot was finished I could not believe how relaxed I felt! I think I will be putting in my order when Paula is ready for the launch!

PFK homemade candle on natural wooden surface with lavender PFK candles on wooden surface with natural ingredients and with box packaging aerial shot of candle lying down amongst green square packaging with rosemary  PFK candle on a tray, with heart in the foreground shooting through the gap box with text about the ethics of the candle and lit candle with stylish text in frame time to relax PFK candle lit on a wooden surface with beautiful plant and just breathe in black frame PFK candle on grey tray, with light pink rose and hot cup of coffee amongst fur blanket candles on grey wooden tray with chocolate biscuits, hot cup of coffee - Lifestyle Photographer Shropshire simple shot of homemade candle and eucalyptus on a white tray Lifestyle Photographer Shropshire Lifestyle Photographer Shropshire - gorgeous candles in glass and white label and simple text, biscuits with chocolate Lifestyle Photographer Shropshire - simple shot with PFK candle, sliced lemon and eucalyptus PFK homemade candle, with eucalyptus leaves and sliced lemon homemade candles set up on white ladder with house plants and buddha in foreground PFK Lifestyle Photographer Shropshire - homemade candle with christmas festive wreath and holding in in the air Paula Fox Kirkham candle maker, reading a book and holding a cup of tea laughing, Lifestyle Photographer Shropshire Lifestyle Photographer Shropshire, candles in living room setting with beads and buddha statue and reading books PFK candle amongst fairy lights and paula in action doing yoga Lifestyle Photographer Shropshire - paula doing yoga and a close up of her feet and hands whilst doing a pose shot of paula practicing yoga taken from a distance whilst sat in doorway relaxed happy and smiley Paula sat outside with a cup of coffee Lifestyle Photographer Shropshire ethicallly sourced ingredients description on side of candle box with pink rose

Paula will soon have her brand new website ready soon for you to take your orders! For now here is her pinterest page

Check out more Small Business Offer shoots that I have got up to, please click here.


  1. Emma Billsborough

    Such pretty photos! I bet she’s over the moon.. the products look lovely too 🙂

    • CharlotteG

      Thank you so much Emma! Yes she is thrilled with them, and the products are beautiful!

  2. Paula

    Thank you Charlotte for your beautiful presence. You made me feel totally relaxed when doing the photo shoot. I loved every moment, your a very creative photographer and you made my candles look so beautiful. Thank you. Paula xx


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