WOW! What a wonderful day! I seriously felt so lucky to photograph this event. The reason being Anna and Mark have been married for 25 year and wanted to renew their vows and asked me to be their Chester Racecourse Wedding Photographer.

On the run up to their special day the weather had been smashing- blue skies and sunshine but sadly that run of good weather stopped on the Sunday of May Bank Holiday Weekend and storms were brewing all day with crazy downpours!

I admired the absolute determination of wanting an outdoor ceremony and it still went ahead at Chester Racecourse.

Anna, the girls, Paul and his best man all got ready at the Abode Hotel in Chester – (which may I add a photographers dream to photograph in!)

After getting ready, everyone ventured to the bar up in the hotel for Anna to walk in and WOW! Paul once again! We got some photos up there before a flurry of taxis took everyone to Chester Racecourse.

Anna and Paul made it down the aisle just before the heavens opened for their outdoor ceremony. Their friends are such characters and through them selves into the events of the day and just drenched or grabbed their other halves jacket or shared an umbrella!

I could not have been a Chester Racecourse photographer without doing anything horse related! We did the small groups of family photos by the incredibly popular Flower Wall. Before we knew it Paul and his Best Man were bringing across a wooden horse and Paul’s lovely Mum, hopping on!

The party continued on the roof terrace at 1539. I loved everyones attitudes that they weren’t going to be defeated by the rain! Close friends continued to drink under their umbrellas in down pours and thunder and lightening!

bride laughing by the window as she puts earrings in her ears bride sitting with her girl friends laughing as she gets ready for her wedding at chester racecourse white roses from husband, dress details with heavy beading and a feather to remember her mother "wife" pandoma charm from husband as a wedding gift bride sitting on edge of her bed sitting down putting on her shoes - chester racecourse wedding photographer beautiful lace and beaded dress hanging up next to bridesmaids dress bride all ready to go and very excited for wedding ceremony - chester racecourse wedding photographer final details of spraying hair and applying lipstick in the mirror bride looking in contemporary mirror in the bathroom groom standing in a window looking out at the weather - chester racecourse wedding photographer grooms details of jacket, tie and waistcoat along with a candid photo of groom and bestman having a laugh groom reacting to the lift door closing he ad best man are in hysterics bride and the girls are ready to go to the ceremony with chester racecourse wedding photographer bride with her grown up daughter all ready to go to wedding ceremony bride walking into the bar at the abode chester, to see her husband in her new dress grooms bespotted reaction to bride walking into the bar at abode, chester bride and groom embracing as they are so pleased to see each other guest looking so happy and groom with his best friends groom giving bride a card on their vow renewal day - chester racecourse wedding photographer bride with the girls giggling with her friends in the bar in the abode in chester couples with their partners in the bar in abode bride and groom giggling arm in arm as they stand in the window in the abode chester bride and groom nuzzling in and giggling in the bar at abode chester parade ring set up for outdoor ceremony at chester racecourse guest sitting in the parade ring laughing out loud while waiting for the bride and groom bride and groom walking down from 1539 towards the pararde ring at chester racecourse chester racecourse wedding photographer capturing happy couple walking down the aisle in the parade ring best man running the service at outdoor ceremony at chester racecourse guests covering themselves with jackets and umbrellas as it rains during at chester racecourse bride and groom laughing during ceremony at chester racecourse happy moments of outdoor ceremony at chester racecourse bride and groom embrace after they renew their vows - chester racecourse wedding photographer glasses of champagne being raised for absent friends and family bride and groom having a cuddle before friends walk over and congratulate them groom arm in arm with his mum laughing as they watch their guests at chester racecourse groups of very close friends and family at wedding at chester racecourse confetti being thrown at the bride and groom after their ceremony at chester racecourse guys singing songs and jumping around by the flower wall at chester racecourse funny moments as the boys carry a wooden horse and the girls jump around family moments by the flower wall groom and his mum laughing out loud together by the flower wall at chester racecourse on a wooden horse grooms mother sitting on a wooden horse - chester racecourse wedding photographer bride and groom portraits around the racecourse at Chester man raising an umbrella as there is a big downpour at 1539, chester best friends singing at the top of their lungs at 1539 resturant merry guests messing around at 1539 chester racecourse guests at 1539 raising a glass - chester racecourse wedding photographer lady sat in the downpour at 1539 under an umbrella - chester racecourse wedding photographer

It was an absolute joy to photo such a special day as a Chester Racecourse Wedding Photographer, if you fancy a look at any of my other work I have done at Chester Racecourse please click here. I was fortunate enough to photo numerous events last year!



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