I have had a little flurry of christenings recently (check them out here!) and it was lovely to be a Christening Photographer Shropshire for Baby Max on Sunday. His baptism was held at Ash Christ Church, which I have never photographed at before. Its in the idyllic countryside village of Ash, just outside of Whitchurch. The church is beautiful inside, lovely and bright due to the interior colours and also those stunning big stain glass windows. Photographers dream!

I have worked with the Reverend before for Maggie and Mark’s wedding a couple of years and he was very funny then. Always great to work with lovely people! He played his guitar for the hymns which was ace! I do not think I have seen that done before by a Reverend, the congregation certainly put some effort in on the singing and it felt so joyous on a Sunday morning.

What I loved about this vicar is that he gets everyone involved. The children where brought up to the front to sing “He has got the whole world in his hands!” – a song that most of use certainly know!

As a Christening Photographer Shropshire, it is important to get the obvious moment, so when Max was actually christening at the font, at the back of the church, but I think its also important to document what was happening during the service. There were plenty of little characters to help me do that!

At the end of the service before everyone moved on to the party, I captured various formal photos of the family and godparents. I think these are important to document who was there and family all together. Having a photographer at the christening certainly helps and ensure these photos are taken. I know as a mum and photographer myself, its hard for these moments to be captured. We always try and book a shoot once a year so we can all be in photos together!

If you are interested in having a Christening Photographer Shropshire to capture your special occasion, please feel free to drop me a message, I would be delighted too!

view of Ash Christ Church, Ash, Shropshire through the gates gent in a mustard jacket playing sword fight in ash church, shropshire little girl smiling as she stands between church pews baby boy in christening gown will mum holds and smiles at him - christening photographer shropshire little boy play fighting before the start of the christening at Ash, Shropshire church little girl with sparkling blue eyes holding her bug bag while waiting in church little boy play fighting with grandad that he has hit him in the face little boy looking at his auntie both wide eyed - christening photographer shropshire humour in a photo family singing in ceremony at Ash Christ Church, Shropshire baby boy holding the order of service for christening above his head showing of beautiful brown eyes reverend playing the guitar during christening service amongst little ones do the actions to the song
vicar playing on the guitar as children sing along - christening photographer shropshire grandma laughing at the children as they sing along in church little redhead boy peeking above everyone in church with a cheeky smile little boy sitting on dad's knee during service at Ash Christ Church for Christening Photographer Shropshire baby max with big brown eyes looking over to the vicar holding wool from the church demo little boy cuddling a little girl at the back of the church in ash, near whitchurch, shropshire father and son playing around during christening service - candid shot by christening photographer shropshire little boy pulling funny face while baby is being christened, candid shot christening photographer shropshire vicar preparing the font with holy water for christening of baby boy in shropshire group of young boys fist pumping during ceremony at Ash Christ Church Shropshire! vicar pouring water over baby boy's head during baptism over the font at ash christ church shropshire vicar holding baptised boy as he talks to the congregation shaking of hands between the grandparents with peace be with you bright wide eyed boy shaking hands - peace be with you with.a grown up father of baby boy who was being christened nuzzling in with him as ash church christening photographer shropshire three little boys leaning on church pews being cheeky
brown eyed baby boy looking very cute looking at the camera as his parents look on at him looking very sweet baby boy at christening giving dad eye contact family all sat together on the church pew as they listen to the vicar begin communion mum and dad standing close together holding baby as they are given chirstening candle 6 year old boy looking very sweet as he looks up to baby and dad during ceremony at Ash Church Whitchurch Family photo of everyone together, mum dad, three siblings family with mum and dad - portrait in church for baby christening extended family photo at the front of the church vt Christening Photographer Shropshire family photo at the front of the church in Ash Christ Church extended family photo of those who are on the da's side of the family baby boy and parents along with godparents of the chikd who has been injured grandparents and all the grandchildren in ash christ church grandma holding baby boy who has been christened a looking super happy, christening photographer shropshire baby boy with his bigger brother and sister looking super sweet cousin pulling a funny face as he sits on a pew on his own full family photo with the cousins at ash church shropshire

Church Address:

Ash Church, Whitchurch, SY13 4EA


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