Website Progress for 100% Pure Essential Oil Homemade Candles By PFK

Last month, I carried out a lifestyle shoot for Paula – PFK Candles – producing a stock of lovely images of her 100% Pure Essential Oil candles. (Please click this link if you fancy a nose!) From doing the shoot and working with the webpage designers it started to highlight a few things for instance the colour palette and what the purpose of the site was. Progress is now  in full swing  and Paula is wanting to start up a online store for these beautiful candles. So as a Commercial Photographer Shropshire, we created some product shots of the candles with a white back drop using a light box, two large studio lights to really show the products off for themselves and stripping away any props.

This shoot really pushed me out of my comfort zone as a Commercial Photographer. I have not done a product shoot like this before so it was great to do something a little different and I am really happy with the results. As well as the shots of the candles, we were also accomplished some banner shots for the website with the candles and their natural ingredients and also some more photos of Paula performing her yoga.

various photos of PFK candles with a white backdrop - single candle, box packaging and also the two items together PFK candle, number 4 candle and box packaging with a white backdrop for use on website for online shop number 2 PFK smaller candle product shot with white backdrop - commercial photographer shropshire PFK candle burning in a studio set up with ingredients that it is made with - grapefruit, lemon, lavendar aerial shot of PFK candle lying down amongst another burning car and its natural ingredients - grapefruit, lemon - commercial photographer shropshire aerial shot of PFK candles with rosemary, lemon and eucalyptus leaves set up for use of website aerial shot of PFK candle amongst eucalyptus leaves in natural light various aerial shot of PFK number 2 smaller candle on green patterned cushion complementing branding of PFK beautiful PFK candles burning in the foreground with Paula performing yoga in the background close ups of Paula Fox Kirkham performing yoga in natural window light PFK candle designer performing yoga in front of window with light shining through, commercial photographer shropshire Paula Fox Kirkham sat in the window looking at the beautiful view from her shropshire home beautiful portrait of Paula Fox Kirkham laughing and looking out of the window - commercial photographer shropshire PFK candles in their packaging beautiful stacked up on an oak shelf - charlotte giddings photography

I have really enjoyed doing these commercial shoots for Paula. Each shoot I have completed I have walked away feeling so incredibly relaxed from the smell of these fabulous candles and Paula’s calming nature. As a Commercial Photographer in Shropshire, I think it has been great to learn different skills and I am really excited for the next one when Paula’s Shropshire yoga studio is complete! Once PFK Candles is ready to launch I will put the link on this page.

If you are looking for a Commercial Photographer Shropshire or further afield, please do not hesitate to get in touch, I would love to know about your business and help create some beautiful imagery to compliment what you do!



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