Erinn's Journey – Family Shoot At Home

Erinn’s Journey –  Family Shoot at Home

Erinn’s Journey

Photographing a family is very important to me. Capturing love, relationships, fun, character, they are all part of what I look for and want to document. It is such a rewarding feeling to see it through my lens. This incredible family shoot had more purpose and meaning than ever, which I did on Wednesday and has now become part of Erinn’s Journey.

Erinn's Journey

Love does make the World go around

Little beautiful Erinn sadly has leaukimia and her incredibly brave Mum, Jodie had the most heart breaking news from the consultants that Erinn’s treatment that she had a few weeks ago hasn’t worked and the leukaemia is progressing. There is now nothing that can be done to help her apart from managing pain and making some amazing memories with her. They have been told she has days, maybe weeks left.

I was aware of  Erinn’s Journey as my husband works with Erinn’s Uncle – the Greatest Uncle Ralph – at the White Horse in Chester. I knew instantly that I wanted to capture some memories of Erinn and her fabulous family. The most perfect occasion happened this week, to go to her brother’s 5th Birthday Party while all the family were around.

After delivering the photos to Jodie and her family this week, I really want to try and help them even more. My  purpose of writing this post is to help try and fill the money pot even more and raise some more money for Erinn and her family, create some more special times for them while they can.

Erinn’s Uncle Ralph, has helped raise a magnificent amount of money so far to be able to treat Erinn to some days out and also give back to the two great hospitals that have helped Erinn along the way –  Manchester Royal Infirmary Children’s Hospital and Alder Hey Children’s Hospital.

For those who have taken the time to read my small amount of words above, a sincerely big thank you ( hopefully it makes sense as I can hardly see the screen as I am crying as I write this, editing was hard enough) if you can donate in any way at all to help make Erinn’s time left with her family even more special, it will make such a difference.

The link to Erinn’s Jouney – Just Giving Page

Lots of love to Erinn, Big Brother Asher and Wonderwoman Jodie xxxxx

mum looking at brother and daughter having a cuddlelittle erinn having cuddles with her mum -Erinn's JourneyErinn giggling with her mum and uncle in the kitchen - Erinn's Journeyboys playing on bouncy castle at home -party at homedoggie and family friend at home birthday party - Erinn's JourneyErinn looking at her mum adoringly at home - Charlotte Giddings Photographyuncle looking lovingly at erinn and having cuddles with nannyErinn's Journey - having a moment and a kiss with nannybeing thrown in the air by uncle jamie - erinn's journeyErinn's Journey. family dog having cuddles - Erinn's Journeyerinn feeding her auntie having a giggle - Erinn's JourneyErinn's Journey. Cousins having fun in fancy dress - action heroserinn having cuddles with her mummy - Erinn's Journeyfamily having fun playing hide and seek in the loving room - shropshire family photographerplaying hide and seek with mummy - Erinn's Journey4 generations photo of great nan, nan, daughter and great grand daughterErinn having a giggle with her mum and grand parents Erinn's Journey - Charlotte Giddings Photographyfunny moments - sticking tongues out with familyerin looking at her nanny - shropshire family photographermeaningful photos with family - charlotte giddings photographypoorly erinn looking over her nanny's shoulder - looking happylittle erinn - suffering with leukemia having time with her great nannybig smiles - Erinn and her nanny, Erinn's Jounreysnuggling with nanny, generations - great nanny and great grand daughterErinn's Journey - Charlotte Gididngs Shropshire PhotographerErinn's Journey - erinn lovely and close with mummy - shropshire photographererinn and her mummy having fun together waving at dal
mation dog walking pasterinn pretending to be a doggie and making her mum laughadorable little erinn suffering with leukemiagirls photo on the door step - Erinn's Journeyall the girls with Erinn's brother on his birthdayErinn with her auntie and uncle looking mischevious - shropshire photographerauntie and niece photo - shropshire family photographeradorable Erinn having fun on the trampoline at home at brother's partyerinn with a beaming smile playing on the scooter with uncle - charlotte giddings family photographergorgeous erinn with her uncle - Erinn's JounreyErinn's Journey - sadly Erinn has leukemia and is very poorly - photoshoot at homegorgeous erinn - charlotte giddings photographycousins playing on the trampoline at home partyerinn playing on the garden rockers with her little auntieerinn being thrown in the air and having fun at home - shropshire family photographererinn playing with the family at home in chester family shootall the family at the party all together at home in the garden with erinn - charlotte giddings photographyplaying in the garden - erinn and uncle ralphcake!!!! uncle ralph laughing out loud at erinns brothers partyplaying party games at erinn's brothers partylittle erinn blowing out the candles and her brother also at the partyerinn with all her family having a go at blowing out the candles - shropshire photographeruncle ralph being silly and dressedas spider man at nephews partyErinn's Journey - erinn enjoying yummy cake with a photo with nanny and grandaderinn looking adoringly at her brother having a photo togethre - Erinn's JourneyErinn loooking at her funny brother dressed as batman sitting outside at homeErinn's Journey. poorly erinn with her super big brother - leukemia affecting this beautiful familyenjoying some treats together at home on the door step - Erinn's Jounreyerinn, brother and mummy having a photo together at home -Erinn's JourneyErinn, brother and Mummy giggling at looking at each other smiling - leukemia suffererErinn's Journey. Erinn's Journey eeding mummy sweeties!Erinn's Journey


Erinn's Journey Erinn enjoing the butter icing on big brothers birthday cake - Erinn's Journey

Thank you so much for taking the time to red through Erinn’s Journey.It means a lot you have taken the time to think of Erinn.

I have also given my services to  Charity- Gift of a wedding to a wonderful Bride and Groom, please feel free to have a look. 


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