Does the thought of Family Photos worry you on your wedding day?  Please do not fear, I am here to take that worry away! All is in hand and I promise it is not as stressful as it may seem!

Lisa and Dave said in a lovely thank you card after their wedding:

“…..We chose you as you told us any formal photos would take between 10-20 minutes so we were able to  spend time with our guests, you stuck to this and we felt we were able to chat with our guests a lot before we sat down for our meal……”

bride and groom with the bride's parents - family photos at combermere abbey wedding, everyone looking at one another very happy


So I do a little homework! Before your wedding day, we always meet (if it does not work skype/facetime call is just as good!) We go through your wedding timings, your requested photos and who is who.

I will ask who your immediate family are: mum, dad, brothers, sisters, partners, children, grandparents.

This is your chance to let me know if people are not together, some people do not get along so they do not want to stand next to each other or we all love one another and want some beautiful family photos!groom sitting down with his nanna, at combermere abbey, looking happy on his wedding day amongst green well kept gardens


Me and my second shooter will get everyone together for you, while you are mingling with your guests so you can simply come and join us when we need you! We understand your time is precious on your wedding day and there are lots of people to have a natter with!

Typically I start on the bride’s side and we build it up each photo. So we start with the bride and groom and bride’s parents, then add siblings, then add partners and children and then add grandparents.

Then we break this down and remove siblings, partners, children and grandparents. We then have bride and groom, brides parents and add in the groom’s parents. I then let the bride’s parents go as the bride side is done and build the grooms side up like we did with the bride.

There we have it! Simple as that!

Even if sadly parents are separated, I will treat it as the same as above – its the same principle. If some family members do not want to stand next to each other, as we have discussed it, I will be sensitive about the matter and ensure these people are not next to one another. No one is left offended its like it just magically happened!

I think this recipe of family photos works so well. I do not want my wonderful couples having the memory of hanging around for ages doing family photos and there family being upset that some photos were not captured. What I described above covers all base and combinations of family so know ones is left out.

I want to ensure that they have a great time on their wedding day and lovely photos to match that lovely memory.

***If grandparents are on the photos I will do these photos first so they are not having to stand around too long***


Want to do a whole group photos and sides of the family? Easy peasy! We try and do this when every needs to be all together to get messages to everyone, for example for when everyone is called to dine.We get everyone together just before you sit down and take the whole group photo. The toastmaster/MC or even myself announce those who are not family members if they want to start taking their sits and we are left with the family members – including aunties, uncles, cousins. We then simply have both sides of the families remaining and organise you all into bride and grooms sides of the family and this easily done too!

It may sound a lot but it really works well and you have the photos you would like with everyone together1

Throughout the day, photos with mum and dad, siblings etc. will be taken for instance – before you go to get married! By doing this I have found in experience, the “formal” photos have become staggered through out the day and you do not even notice that you have been doing photos!

I always carry with me the notes I take when we do our pre-wedding meeting. So whatever we have discussed and you have asked me to photograph, I always capture and all the other discreet photos are lovely little extra surprises!Family photos - bride and groom, holding their baby girl with brides mother and step day. Smiling, all nice and close with their heads with a beautiful blue sky

bride and groom family photo with the grooms mum and dad, all laughing amongst themselves - carden park wedding

immediate family photos with bride and grooms, with brides side of the family with mum, dad, brother, nan and grandad and auntie and uncle. Posed photo. Charlotte Giddings Photography

I appreciate that you have not organised a wedding before and the thought of timings on the day may seem really daunting! For more information about timings of the day, please click here to give you an idea!

If you are looking for a toastmaster, have a nose at the Guild





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