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Just before Christmas, I ran a small business offer, which Dan and Shannen at Mee-Fit took me up on. They are the top coaches at Mee-Fit – one of the gyms in Whitchurch, Shropshire.  I went down to their fantastic gym in Whitchurch, Shropshire and photographed the guys who attend the gym. Mee-Fit are currently updating their website and looking for some new imagery to compliment the wealth of information..

Photographing the shoot was great fun. Again the guys who attend have a great atmosphere when working out. As you can see from the photographs, you see a thorough warm up was performed as well as a safe weight lifting session. Dan coached the session that morning and offers a personal training experience throughout the session.

Throughout the session my approach was not to get in the way, but to get close enough to focus on the exercises that was being performed, the guys enjoying what they were doing and also show Dan coaching.

I have edited this shoot to go with the black and white branding that Mee-Fit have for their clothing and colour scheme in the gym, which is really on trend and looks timeless.

Anyone interested in getting in shape or thinking about making some changes before a big event like their wedding – there are plenty of gyms in Whitchurch, Shropshire to choose from but I can not recommend Mee – Fit enough – I go too and love the results I am achieving. From a personal experience attending the gym is helping me immensely when photographing a wedding. My core feels really strong enabling me to work comfortably all day carrying my equipment. Health and fitness has always been a big part of my life but it is great to work with like minded people too and get away from the computer a bit if i am not photographing!

men performing broad jumps on their warm up exercise at mee-fit, gyms in whitchurch, shropshire one of the guys performing squats at mee-fit whitchurch shropshire. concentrating expression guy carrying out bench press and another spotting - gyms in whitchurch, shropshire man performing a squat with weights on his back - weightlifting at mee-fit man performing single arm bench press with dumb bells concentrating hard guys helping each other on the bench press at the gym - working out safely in the gym at mee- fit shropshire guys working out using weights in the gym and enjoying the experience man carrying out the squat using weights at mee-fit and coach spotting to avoid injury man carrying out a single arm bench press exercise in gym environment - charlotte giddings photography men carrying out weight lifting squats at the gyms win whitchurch shropshire and enjoying their session coach dan enjoying coaching a client at his gym in whitchurch, shropshire wide shot of men working out in the gym doing bench press and squats, and writing achievements on the board rugby man performing squats at the gym shots of his reflection as he does the exercise coach dan assisting client when doing push ups on the rings and also a client doing unaided chin ups photos of men doing push ups from various angles ring push ups being performed by a man at mee-fit - looking very tough close up of a mans arm doing press ups using the bars making it tougher man doing reverse pull ups using the bar - full length shot - gyms in whitchurch , shropshire men carrying out bicep curls with dumb bells as dan mee coaches them in the gym full length shot of men carryig our dumb bell rows in unison at the gym - mee-fit close up shots of men using weights and wide angle os men with dumb bells in the air - gyms in whitchuch, shropshire

Thanks for having me along Dan and Shannen and can not wait to see the shiny website when it is launched!

If you would like to check out any further shoots I have done working with other local businesses in Whitchurch, Shropshire, please click on the Blog and Commercial/Business link. PFK candles is also another shoot I have done to help create some great imagery for their website.


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