Marquee Wedding Photographer, North Shropshire – Maggie and Mark

Maggie and Mark’s St. Alkmund’s Church and Marquee Wedding – Wedding Photographer Shropshire

Maggie and Mark’s wedding was an incredible day and now to date, the biggest wedding I have photographed! A whopping 220 guests in the day and an additional 150 in the evening as a Wedding Photographer Shropshire. A wedding can be ask big or as small as you like!

bride and groom kissing in the sunset with the most bright red glowing sun before decending into the clouds

Maggie got ready at the family farm in the morning, with her parents and bridesmaids. Mark got ready at their new home down the road with the boys.

With a marquee wedding I am really lucky to get photos of the marquee set up and get all the wonderful details meaning I can spend more time later in the day capturing what is going on. It was great to see Mark and the meet the Boys pottering around the marquee before they went to church to meet Stuart my second shooter.

Mark arrived in style at St. Alkmund’s Church in his John Deer buggy with his best man, turning many heads through the High Street of Whitchurch!

Maggie arrived in traditional wedding cars by Manor Bridal Cars. St. Alkmunds was packed! I do not think I will forget how well everyone sung “Jerusalam” in church, it sounded incredible! Rev. Richard Clarkson conducted a wonderful ceremony for them both.

Everyone departed for the wedding breakfast back at the marquee at Maggie and Mark’s home. We took some beautiful photos with them with their new home and wedding cars too.  The views of Shropshire fields were the perfect backdrop for their portraits and wow! what a brilliant sunset later on.

The weather was wonderful for this September wedding. It was great capturing guests relaxed and enjoying themselves in the glorious sunshine.

Laugh Out Loud Speeches!

Speeches commenced before the wedding breakfast was served, and boy oh boy! were there some funny tales!! I think the photos show how funny the speeches were. Best Man Gaz had got Mark ‘good ‘n’ proper’ with school/college and young farmers antics!!

While the band were setting up, we really had to take advantage of the sunset that evening. These photos finished off Maggie and Mark’s portraits beautifully!

The band, Loud and Proud performed the first dance and got everyone up dancing, the marquee was rocking!

Thanks for having us along Maggie and Mark and have a wonderful honeymoon!!

sign pointing to bride and grooms wedding hanging on the garden fencing - wedding photographer shropshireviews from the shropshire marquee wedding looking over shropshire fields with sheep grazingthe extra large marquee all set up on the field in shropshire ready for wedding reception later that daydetails in the marquee - seating plan - made of a home made gate, milk churns and abundance of yellow and purple flowersclose up of seating plan - with birds for table theme along with namesbeautiful purple and yellow flowers in milk churns inside marquee - roses, irises, wheat red post box to take receipt of cards and gifts for the bride and groom"spread the love" homemade jam made for guests for wedding favours along with wedding flowershome made damson gin with the wedding breakfast menumenu at marquee wedding shropshire - shropshire wedding photographerpheasant themed table names for marquee wedding - shropshire wedding photographerhomemade wedding flowers consisting of yellow, purple and white flowerswide angle shot of the marquee wedding in the morning - shropshire wedding photographermarquee all set up in the morning for wedding reception - wedding photographer shropshirewedding cake consisting of wedding flowers, navy blue ribbon and iced figures with a dogdetailed shot of iced wedding cake on personalised cake stand made of a cutting from a tree and names written in itfull wedding cake on personalised cake stand make of a tree cutting and bride and grooms etched in itbride and grooms wedding reception venue at home - blue sky in shropshiregroom in casual clothes with his dogs before wedding in shropshirebrides family home at the farm, beautiful colours and greenerywedding guest delivering homemade bouquets for the bride - wedding photographer shropshirebride and mother of the bride looking at one another while the flowers are being deliveredbride smiling at her mother in the farmhouse kitchen september shropshire weddingfamily dog sat on the chair content in the kitchen and part of the morning preparationsbrides homemade bouquet consisting of roses, thistles, wheat, irisesbrides wedding dress with lots of beading and straps - shropshire wedding photogarpherbrides ivory wedding shoes, with beautiful beaded veil - wedding photographer shropshirepersonlised garter with M and M - gift from bridesmaidsmother of the bride laughing with hair and makeup lady - lauren parkerbride smiling while putting in her wedding earringsbrides reflection in the mirror smiling sweetly, whitchurch wedding photog
rapherblack and white photo of the brides reflection in the mirror looking down excitedblack and white photo of the bride smiling in the mirror- shropshire wedding photographerbride looking up at her wedding dress hanging on the wardrobe in family housebride reaching up for wedding dress - shropshire wedding photographerbride getting in her dress with her bridesmaids whitchurch shropshire weddingbridesmaid zipping up wedding dress for the bridedetailed photo of the garter on the brides leg - shropshire wedding photographerhair and makeup artist putting in brides veil at home -reflection of bridesmaid in the mirrormother of the bride helping the bride put her wedding jewellery on - charlotte giddings photographymother of the bride putting bracelet on for the bridebride with her three bridesmaids in her bedroom in the farmhouse giggling bride and bridesmaids giggling on the bed and looking at one anotherfather of the bride seeing his daughter for the first time - charlotte giddings photographyproud father looking at his daughter in her wedding dressproud father of the bride looking at the camera with tears in his eyesmother of the bride laughing with the bride along with an emotional husbandbride looking back her mother and holding on to her dadbride looking at her dad as she goes down the stairs in their shropshire farm homebridesmaids, mother of the bride and father of the bride looking at the bride as she comes down the stairsfull legth bride portrait by grandfather clock in shropshire homebride looking up the stairs with beautiful light holding her wedding flowersbride looking down at her wedding flowers and excited to meet her groombride looking at her bridesmaid outside her family farmhouse shropshire
bride with bridesmaid laughing outside her family home - shropshire photographerbride and bridesmaid giggling outside bride's family home in shropshirebride with her bridesmaids outside the family farm house in whitchurch shropshirebride looking at her bridesmaids and them smiling back - shropshire wedding photographerfull length photo of the bride outside her family home in shropshire - charlotte giddings photographybride and the father of the bride outside the family home together - wedding photographer shropshiremother and father of the bride laughting together outside the family home - shropshire photographermanor bridal cars waiting outside the family farm house ready to go to churchst.alkmunds church, whitchurch with beautiful blue sky - charlotte giddings photographygroom and best man arriving in john deer vehicle at st. alkmunds churchgroom portrait with his top hat on and button hole greeting his guestsguests arriving at st. alkmunds church on a beautiful september day with blue skygroom and his grooms men outside st. alkmunds church, whitchurch shropshire with top hats onportrait of the groom wit his best man outside st. alkmunds church whitchurch shropshireblack and white photo of the groom in the pub, black bear, whitchurch shropshireinterior photo of st.alkmunds church whitchurch and groom greating the guestsinterior photo looking down the aisle while guests arrive at st. alkmunds church, whitchurchguests arriving at st. alkmunds church and little girl looking back at the cameraguests laughing while sat inside church, shropshire wedding photographermother of the groom sat in church looking excited for the wedding ceremony in st. alkmunds churchorder of services on the side in church - with navy blue colour schemeclose up joyce's clock telling the time at st. alkmunds church, whitchurch with blue sky in the backgroundbridesmaid looking out of the window at st. alkmunds church - shropshire photographermother of the bride peering down the church path to see the bridesmaids and bride arriving in manor bridal carsgroom and best man having banter at the top of the aisle before the bride arrivesbest man playfully wiping the grooms brow before the bride arrives - shropshire wedding photographerbride and father of the bride ready to walk up the path to church with wedding car from manor bridal in the backgroundbride walking up the path of st.alkmunds church with her dad with whitchurch high street in the backgroundblack and white photo of the vicar waiting at st.alkmunds church main doorwaybride giving a friend the thumbs up as she arrives at the church doorway of st.alkmunds church whitchurchwide angle photo of st. alkmunds church looking towards the alter before the wedding ceremony beginsgroom smiling at his best man as he waits for the wedding party and bride to walk down the aisle- shropshire wedding photographergroom and best man looking at one another smiling as the vicar is starting to walk up the aisle - shropshire wdding photographervicar walking up the aisle with bridesmaids starting to follow at shropshire wedding bridesmaids walking up the aisle looking emotional and one of the ushers sneakly taking a photo of the bride coming up the aisle with his mobile phonebride and father of the bride looking at each other smiling as they walk down the aisle together towards the groom - shropshire wedding photographerphoto from the back of the church - back shot of the bride and father of the bride walking down the aisle and the stain glass window in the churchemotional bride and father of the bride walking down the aisle in st. alkmunds churchgroom turns around to look at his bride with the biggest beautiful smile on her face as her dad - shropshire wedding photographerover the moon bride looking at her groom and the groom with a pleased as punched face in the foreground - whitchurch wedding photographerbride wiping away happy tears at the alter next to her husband - wedding photographer shropshireshot of the bride, groom, father of the bride and bridesmaids standing at the top of the alter - taken from the back of the church, wedding photographer shropshirewide angle photo from the front of the church with the choir in the foreground and the bride and groom enjoying the ceremonyst alkmunds church choir singing a hymn in church - whitchurch shropshire wedding photographerbride and groom exchanhinga glance at one another - wedding photographer shropshirephoto of the church and the congregation at st. alkmunds church - charlotte giddings photographybride looking extremely happy as she looks at the groom - charlotte giddings photographybride, groom and father of the bride giggling at a joke from the vicar - st. alkmunds churchvicar assisting the father of the bride, giving away his daughter to the groom, shropshire wedding photographerextremely happy bridesmaid looking at the bride and groom doing their vows - charlotte giddings photographybride and groom saying their vows in church looking at one another- wedding photographer shropshiregroom handing the rings over the vicar in st. alkmunds churchgroom putting wedding ring on his brides finger while they have a giggle and looking at once anotherbride and groom laughing along with the vicar while exchanging ringsvicar blessing the rings in st. alkmunds church whitchurch shropshire
wedding guest doing a reading at the front of the church - shropshire wedding photographersecond wedding guest doing a reading at the front of church, wedding photographer shropshirewide angle shot from the back of the church while a guest doing a reading, bride and groom sitting down before the congrigationdetail shot of the hymn book -wedding photographer shropshirelittle boy looking at the camera while standing amongst the crowd singing a hymn - charlotte giddings photographycandid photo of the bride signing the registar - shropshire weddinggroom looking happy and shaking hands with best man while other sign the registarbest man smiling back at the congregation in st. alkmunds churchblack and white photo of the vicar pointing to the registar and the groom signing the documentfather of the groom congratulating the bride and kissing her - shropshire wedding photographerbridemaid laughing with family while bride and groom sign the registarbride laughing with the groom while family members sign the registarbride and groom posed in st. alkmunds church after signing the registar looking at the camerabride and groom kissing now offically mr and mrs after signing the registarbride and groom walking down the aisle - st. alkunds church, whitchurch, shropshirebride and groom now mr and mrs looking delighted walking down the aisle at st. alkmunds church - wedding photographer shropshirebride and groom walking towards the front entrance of the church - shropshire wedding photographerbride and groom walking out of st. alkmunds church, whitchurch shropshirebride and groom looking at one another while standing in the church door way and beautiful blue skybeautiful bride and groom having a kiss in church doorway, groom holding his top hat and gorgeous blue sky - shropshie wedding photographerblack and white photo of bride and broom having a kiss in st alkmunds church doorway taken from inside the churchbride's parents walking arm in arm down the aisle after the wedding ceremony in st alkmunds churchusher and mother of the groom walking down the aisle after the end of the marriage ceremony in whitchurch churchexcited bride throwing confetti over the bride outside st. alkmunds churchwedding guest very excited to see the bride and groom


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