Are you planning a Marquee Wedding?

Marquee Wedding…. The best wedding!

My favourite style of wedding to photograph! Why I hear you ask, as I love seeing people’s creativity, what they have done to make their wedding personal to them. I love the relaxed vibe that occurs at a marquee wedding and … they are in the British countryside – rain or shine!

Are you in the process of planning your marquee wedding? I would love to shed some light on marquee weddings that I have had the pleasure and experience of photographing.

Homegrown flowers with bride and groom marquee wedding - Shropshire wedding photographer


Where is it going to go?!!

Obviously a lot of planning goes into a marquee wedding. Where is the marquee going to go? Most marquee weddings I have been fortunate to photograph have been at the family home. For some families, they have been wanting to do things at home, landscaping the garden/field for instance. What a better excuse to make it happen than hold you wedding reception at home!

collection of photographs of a gold theme marquee wedding - shropshire wedding photographer

Parking (and Toilets)

Make room for these!

Lots of signs too are great to point your guests in the right direction!

Typically marquee receptions have had a church wedding prior. I find it so exciting following the signs that have been carefully put on on route down the country lanes (very scenic too!) to the wedding party!

persona Signs made by bride and groom for shropshire marquee wedding

Food Glorious Food!

So many talented caterers to choose from (do not hesitate to ask if you need a caterer recommending to you. I would be more than happy to send some names your way!) Or any foodies in the family – how about make your own wedding food and drinks?!?

I was amazed at a Shropshire Marquee Wedding I photographed where everyone was joining in making the food, even the bride! Really sociable and great bringing everyone together in the morning!

DIY wedding food and drink marquee wedding - Shropshire PhotographerHomemade canopees at shropshire wedding reception made by the family

Design and Style

I love seeing how all my lovely couples dec out the marquee! Pinterest is an amazing place to start for looking for ideas. Looking on blogs too! Marquee weddings give you a blank canvas to do as you wish, gorgeous flowers (grow your own if you are planning far in advance-make your own tubs/pots etc), bunting, lots of signs, photographs – the world’s your oyster!

Homemade jam favours and detail shots of September marquee wedding - Charlotte Giddings Photography

Detail shots with flowers, wedding favours and marquee layout - Charlotte Giddings Photography

Ditch traditions!

You can make your wedding how you want it to be! How about banqueting tables? Ditch the round tables and make it really sociable with the long tables, you can create a festival feel (or make room for more of your family and friends with longer tables?!?)

October Gold themed marquee wedding - Shropshire Wedding Photographer

Hang from the ceiling

Use the ceiling! Pom poms, chandeliers, bunting, lanterns – get that colour in!!

summer marquee wedding reception with pom poms on the ceiling - Charlotte Giddings Photography


Do not forget to think about the evening – light those path ways (to the carpark, toilets, hog roast!), mood lighting – lanterns and candles. Uplighting for the band/DJ. Also some BEAUTIFUL photo opportunities too!

bride and groom beautifully light in the evening and an evening shot of the marquee wedding in the evening


The added bonus

Want to make use of the marquee/tipi after the wedding? Hold a charity do/ladies luncheon. A few marquee weddings I have photographed have done fundraisers in them the following day – AMAZING IDEA! One in particular I had the pleasure of going to (and yes I took my camera!) was where Pritchard’s Dance Academy put on a performance along with a auction for the charity Bloodwise.

Charity fundraisers in marquee after wedding reception shropshire - shropshire wedding photographer

Photography Approach

I love photographing those details that you have spent so much time and energy putting together. At marquee weddings I enjoy arriving a little earlier before bridal prep and going into the marquee – photographing the details and the marquee empty! Those photos have already been taken and documented for you, so me and my second shooter can spend time at your wedding reception capturing (discreetly) those natural candid moments and getting in amongst your guests. Along with this, photos of you both together (bi of time alone!), your family photos in a relaxed setting in beautiful light!

I hope this has helped in some way for you and I can not wait to hear about your marquee wedding and be your Shropshire wedding photographer!

If you would like to get in touch please do not hesitate to fill in the contact form, email: or give me a call 07984 033083


Romantic bride and groom photo with lit in the dark - Charlotte Giddings Photography



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