Picking your wedding photographer and your other suppliers can be a really difficult decision for your very special day. More so your photographer as you will be with them most of your wedding day and one of your biggest expenses (but a good one is the most priceless investment!)

There is A LOT of wedding photographers out there- mixture of experience, style, pricing. II appreciate it can be a complete mind-field knowing where to start. How do you know who will deliver, who is legit, experienced enough, understands what you are looking for?SO, PICKING YOUR WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER, HOW DO YOU START?

I have put together for you a little 5 step guide which could help you with this process. Personally, I do not think some of the magazines help with decisions like this and put the fear of god in any bride and groom especially the section about budgeting for a wedding!

So my top tip is to talk to the professionals- like me! – who deal with weddings, hands on, in the mix of it all as their job. The best advice can only come from those who have had the experience!


  • Reportage/Documentary

I think all photographers through out a wedding day will capture documentary/reportage photos e.g. wedding ceremony, speeches, dance floor action. However, this is a decision on the fact do you want most/all of your photographic coverage to be in this style?

There are some photographers who do not intervene with your wedding day at all, will not get your family together and capture your family photos. This is something to consider. If you would like to ensure you capture your family photos – more of a traditional way, perhaps a documentary photographer is not the style you are looking for.

I have heard too many times, my friend did not even get a photo with her mum! This would never be the case with me. I do ensure that these photos are photographed even if it is not mentioned. These shots are second nature to me.

  • Creative

This can actually be quite a broad title. Creative could be described as

  1. Off camera flash – adding some extra “pow” to your photos/adding some extra drama!
  2. A very cool approach wanting to photograph fun creative portraits which may need a little more time and direction
  3. Could require a bit more posing, not necessarily full on – but with some guidance.
  • Traditional

This is still what we may remember from the film era of posed photography. Looking at the camera and waiting for the photo to be taken, This is not necessarily a bad thing though. For family photographs this is certainly a good style. Just how far you may want to go with it. For instance with your bride and groom portraits.bride waving at those gathered outside church as she arrives in the wedding car, moment capture at bronington church, wales2) BUDGET

There is no hidding behind the fact that yes a good photographer is expensive. I wont go into massive detail as thats another conversation. However photographing a wedding is just a small part of your wedding photography experience. Which I think a lot of people do nor realise. It is not simply turning up with a camera take a few snaps and put on a USB.

I for one, have trained  – i have got a photography degree, done work experience, invested in excellent equipment, go on 2 workshops a year to keep current. Second shoot as well as photograph my own weddings meaning I have certainly shot over 250 weddings!

Your budget is down to how much you regard your photography and also how much you can afford to spend. If you are really stretched and really want that photographer – make a compromise and put your money towards your photographer. Do you really need those expensive shoes which are going to be under your wedding dress and kicked off by the first dance, or the sweet cart? Now after 6 years being married, we have lost several family members already and I so so glad we stretched ourselves to get a good photographer. It is them who are making your wedding memories and family and guests last forever!


I love meeting couples in person! Not all the time it is possible, a skype chat/phone call or even how we come across on website/email is also important. Do you get the vibe you can get on well and be in that person’s company throughout your wedding day?


Please do some research! Find someone with the style you like, narrow down your favourites! You will be getting closer to finding your dream photographer.

You will have some questions I am sure:

  • Are you insured?
  • What happens if something happens to you?
  • What happens if your equipment fails?

My FAQ’s are here – in case you were wondering!

picking your wedding photographer, a shower of confetti thrown at groom during the confetti shot at soulton hall, wem, shropshire, laughing like crazy


CONTRACT! Make sure you have it in writing! By having it all in writing if it is legally bindlng. You will have in black and white what you are paying for. Where you stand and also what is expected of both parties. Make sure you understand it. If both parties are singing from the same hymn sheet you should have the most lovely experience with your wedding photographer.

Also by having a contract in place ,god forbid anything happened to you / your photographer, and you have wedding insurance in place you will be covered!

If I have ticked any of the boxes above for you, please do feel free to drop me an email or give me a call!

I would be delighted to chat more with you! info@charlottegiddingsphotography.co.uk




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