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Do not worry, you are not alone! It is a regular question I get asked, rain on our wedding day, what do we do?

If you have not read it already, I have written a blog post on how we plan timings on your wedding day and your wedding day timeline. We discuss your wedding day timings in detail at our pre wedding meeting. Here depending on your exact plans we try to allow from when you say “I do!” around 2 hours roughly to travel (if you need to), have chance to mingle with friends and family, family photos and bride and groom portraits. Two hours is plenty of time – not too long and also not feel too rushed!


We have a couple of go to ideas (obviously these do vary if you have a church/civil ceremony, wedding venue/marquee) So we have a couple of hours to capture your portraits together. A lot can happen in two hours too!


If we experience showers on you wedding day, this is actually absolutely fine and is pretty much what we have experienced at a lot of weddings. I keep on eye on the weather while you are mingling with your guests and once the shower has passed, if you agree and happy to, you will get come beautiful portraits. 10-20 minutes gives us plenty of time to go around your venue and get photos of you both together. We always carry umbrellas with us if its looking likely we may get caught out.

rain on our wedding day gemma and oli hoping out inbetween the rain showers on their wedding day


Using the inside of your venue. Wedding venues are always great inside – lots of decor, window light, main entrance etc. We can utilise these amazing places. Again also inside church. Plenty of times after your ceremony and after saying “Hello!” to your guests we have nipped inside church to get some portraits and also family photos too!

bride and groom giggling between themselves as they have portraits in church as there is rain on our wedding day mother having photo with her 4 sons as it is raining outside so went back in st alkmunds church whitchurch


Umbrellas, fear not, I always bring white umbrellas with me and if you have a wedding car they always do too, (so you are in safe hands!) Umbrellas in photos are not a bad thing. It actually acts as a lovely soft box on you both for some photos and also it does mix things up a bit and also you can get cozy under a brolly together too!

bride and groom looking at each other lovingly as rain on our wedding day occurs and they embrace with a couple of umbrellas at mytton and mermaid in shrewsbury


Embrace the rain! Obviously not in a crazy down pour! But bride’s and groom’s have said to me, “Let’s just do it! We want some photos!” and I am all up for it! Either, we can simply have umbrellas with us count to three and drop the umbrella or brides and grooms are not too fearful and can go five minutes outside as we nail some shots.

***I would never force anyone to do this but its great when bride’s and groom’s want to have some time together and do some photos***

bride and groom doing photos in the rain at marquee wedding reception in shropshire bride and groom out in the rain amongst all the home grown flowers outside the marquee


Try after the wedding breakfast / speeches.

Sometimes, the rain can just simply be none stop, its not fair to drag you out etc. So again we keep an eye on the weather while you have fun/eat! Sometimes, in the day weather wise comes good in the evening and we can do portraits then and also in golden hour! Photographer’s dream light!

bride and groom having a moment with one another in golden hour at northop hall wedding venue


So all I can say is please trust us! We will not ask you to do something you do not want to do! We ensure we allow enough time if it does rain on your wedding day. And seriously if all else does fail, we just simply get creative with the rain!

So when I hear you ask, “Rain on our wedding day, what do we do?” I simple say do not panic, we have got this! Trust us, you are in good hands!


** Emergency shoes are always good to have to swop into, they do not have to the best shoes – they can be wellies, flip flops, ballet pumps. i do not want you to spoil anything and have that memory of regret. If you are looking for wedding wellies these are the wellies just for you! 


  1. craig

    Great post its so much easier when people are getting married in the winter as they just always expect it.

    • CharlotteG

      Very true Craig and then its an extra bonus when it is a lovely winters day!


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