Shropshire Based Second Shooter – Working with other Professional Photographers

Shropshire Based Second Shooter

I am the main photographer in my business however  I do LOVE being a Shropshire based Second Shooter too. Second shooting with other Professional Photographers has taken me all over the North West of England, the Midlands and North and Mid Wales. (Would be more than happy to go abroad if the opportunity did arise!)

japanese toast at titanic hotel wedding - shropshire based second shooter

So why have a second shooter?

Amongst my Collections that I offer, a second shooter is included. I believe its great to have another professional photographer working alongside me to produce more beautiful photographs to add to the final collection for my Bride’s and Groom’s. I go to the bride typically two hours before the ceremony time and depending on plans for the groom, my second shooter – one to two hours before the ceremony time. Either be it the place the Groom is getting ready, or meet at the pub by the church/bar in the venue.

I ask a small circle of photographers that I work with and also vice versa when they need a second shooter too.

Having another professional pair of hands enables both sides of the coverage to be captured perfectly from before the ceremony. I love this is as we can focus on our subjects who we are with and prevent dashing around.

Being a Shropshire Based Second Shooter

Obviously as well as photographing my wonderful couples and being the main shooter. I do enjoy working with other photographers when they are in need of an extra pair of professional hands. Last August I had the greatest of pleasures of working with the extremely talented photographer Chris Mee from Chris Mee Studios.

I had the opportunity of working at some new venues – getting ready at the Titanic Hotel (wow! what a hotel!) and ceremony at the Royal Liver Building (again another wow! spectacular building! I have never been in there only ran past it during the Liverpool Half Marathon.)

The purpose of doing this blog I wanted to show two things:

  • To bride’s and grooms – if you are thinking do we need a second shooter? Please look at the coverage that I did for Chris here. I was with the boys early on while they were getting ready. Getting some relaxed photos chilling out, checking speeches over etc.
  • To professional photographers seeking another professional photographer to help / Shropshire Based Second Shooter – Please again have a nose. This is what I have produced for Chris Mee at Rachel and Hiroki’s wedding. Shooting on dual Canon cameras and using prime and zoom wide angle lens (one of my favourite lenses)

groom writing his bride a card on their wedding day groom writing his speech at titanic hotel liverpool groom laughing with his best man while checking his speech best man wrapping gifts badly for the groom! shropshire based second shooter reflection of the groom writing his speech at liverpool wedding candid shots from groom prep at titanic hotel liverpoolparents coming to the grooms room to see him with great expressions japanese guest in beautiful window light at titanic hotel liverpool groom getting ready for liverpool wedding - charlotte giddings photography groom's brother polishing shoes for wedding day groom doing his hair and getting ready to get in his suit - liverpool wedding usher getting ready and lauging while doing his tie - charlotte giddings photography groom making a phone call in the morning - shropshire based photographer best man sat in fantastic window looking at his speech - shropshire based second shooter groom's parents arriving to see the groom and his brothers - shropshire photographer groom gifts to the ushers and parens - shropshire photographer grooms gift to his best man - shropshire based wedding photographer grooms mum and groom embracing for a cuddle happy best man, looking impressed with his gift,peace out! very happy groom in his shirt nd trousers, getting ready for liverpool wedding groom laughing and looking excited for wedding - shropshire based second shooter japanese day looking at his wedding gift of bottle of whisky groom with his parents making a toast - charlotte giddings photography groom getting dressed in natural window light excited mother of the groom about to do her lipstick looking very happy - charlotte giddings photography portrait of groom in natural window light titanic hotel groom looknig out window, titanic hotel - charlotte giddings photography groom portrait liverpool wedding, shropshire second shooter groom doing his tie in the mirror - shropshire based second shooter groom having a moment with his mum before he leaves for liverpool wedding groom having a moment with his dad - shropshire based second shooter groom with his parents - faimily photos - charlotte giddings photography groom with his family before ceremony, charlotte giddings photography usher finishing off the grooms tie - charlotte giddings photography groom detail shots at titanic hotel, liverpool portrait of groom in natural window light ready for liverpool wedding at royal liver building groom and grooms men portrait in dock liverpool before they depart for the ceremony groom looking back at the grooms men laughing, liverpool dock groom laughing at the boys having the crack at liverpool wedding titanic hotel groomsmen having banter before they depart for royal liver building ceremony groom having an individual photo with each of his ushers and best man groom and best man having a moment at albert dock shropshire based second photographer groom portrait in liverpool dock august wedding day groom looking out across the albert docks before departing to wedding ceremony groom laughing and looking at the view before wedding ceremony - charlotte giddings photography groom and groomsmen walkiing along the dock heading towards taxi ready to depart - charlotte giddings photography shropshire based second shooter - the boys walking along the docks titanic hotel signage - liverpool wedding photographer - second shooter groom and grooms men heading to ceremony in taxi across liverpool royal liver building liverpool portrait - liverpool wedding photographer portrait of royal liver building with beautiful blue sky - charlotte giddings photography guests arriving at the royal liver building for wedding ceremony mother of the groom with personalised hankerchief bridesmaids laughing while they wait for the bride at the royal liver building, shropshire photographer bride arriving at the royal liver building - shropshire based second shooter shot of the bride, father of the bride an d bridesmaids heading to the lift at liver building liverpool excited bridesmaid looking back at bride at liverpool weddding beautiful bride looking toawrds natural light, shropshire photographer bride and father of the bride having a moment before the start of he ceremony bridesmaids walking into ceremony . at the liver building excited bride walking into ceremony at liver builing bride and father of the bride walking down the aisle bride and groom seeing each other for the first time walking down the aisle at the liver building wedding bride and groom excited to see each other at wedding ceremony at the liver building liverpool excited parents and bridesmainds as they watching bride and groom during liver building wedding ceremony bride and groom excited to be getting married - shropshire based second shooter groom making bride giggle during ceremony at liver building wedding ceremony bridesmaids reactions and bride and groom looking at each other adoringly proud dad laughing at bride and groom as they do their vows liverpool wedding photographer emotional bride as the groom says a few words to her during their liverpool wedding ceremony emotional bride during liver building ceremony and guests onlooking looking thrilled - shropshire wedding photography bride wiping away happy tears during wedding ceremony bride crying through wedding ceremony at liver building liverpool wedding - shropshire second shooter shot of the ceremony at the liver building from the back of the room, charlotte gididngs photography bride and groom saying their vows looking from the back of the ceremony room at the liver building liverpool bride and groom kissing now husband and wife - shropshire based second shooter bride and groom signing the registar and walking down the aisle of their liverpool wedding guests congratulating the bride and groom at the liver building wedding buses parked outside liver building liverpool to take guests to wedding reception guests happy on the bus going back to wedding reception - shropshire second photographer guests having a good time outside the titanic hotel waiting for bride and groom to arrive parents and guests waving to the bride and groom as they arrive into the dock at the titanic hotel wedding reception bride and groom arriving by boat to the titanic hotel in liverpool - shropshire based second shooter bride and groom getting closer to the titanic hotel to arrive for wedding reception bride and groom walking up the ramp to liverpool titanic hotel reception little boy throwing confetti towards the liverpool docks bride and groom confetti shot outside their liverpool wedding reception titanic hotel confetti moment at titanic hotel wedding reception - shropshire based second shooter very happy relative putting more confetti on to the groom guest taking confetti out of brides hair, canopees and guests talking outside guests havig a great time at liverppol wedding reception titanic hotel bride having a moment with her grandma and grandma remenicing looking at photographs bride giggling with her dad and guests having photos at titanic hotel wedding liverpool groom having a laugh with a guests at wedding reception - shropshire wedding photographer groom having a moment with guests outside titanic hotel - shropshire based second shooter guests laughing out loud at wedding reception having a good time wedding breakfast all set up at titanic hotel liverpool top table decorated with gorgeous hand picked flowers and hanging filament builbs flower details on top table titanic hotel wedding reception gorgous flower details at liverpool wedding reception wide shot of wedding breakfast room at titanic hotel liverpool - shropshire based second shooter filament bulbs and hanging plants suspended from ceiling at liverppol wedding details of top table wedding reception and guests laughing at liverpool wedding reception baby boy with beautiful brown eyes looking at the camera usher being silly while baby looking puzzled at liverpool wedding guests laughing across the table - shropshire based second shooter family arriving at the top table - titanic hotel wedding breakfast everyone sat down at titanic hotel wedding breakfast parents welcoming bride and groom to the top table bride hugging the grooms brothers once came into wedding breakfast father of the bride congratulating groom and groom's father making a speech bride and groom laughing at looking at each other during groom's father speech bride and groom laughing at making a toast during groom's father speech bride, groom and parents making a toast with other guests - shropshire based second shooter

Check out some weddings of mine where I have working with a  second shooter. Click here


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