Shropshire Event Photographer – The Grocontinental Relay 2016, Dearnford Lake

Shropshire Event Photographer – Grocontinental Relay at Dearnford Lake, Hosted By Whitchurch Whippets Running Club

5th Annual Event at Dearnford Lake

This is the fifth year I have been a Shropshire Event Photographer on behalf of the Whitchurch Whippets. It is lovely to see regular faces who support the event, far and local. Teams consist of running/athletic clubs, groups of family or friends, work colleagues and other clubs.

We experienced another wonderful summer’s evening for this event (beautiful warm, golden light – photographer’s dream!). I am delighted to be part of it at one of my favourite local venues for a walk and a coffee!

The Whitchurch Whippets organise this event so well. This year again was to full capacity. Last year I believe it was 116 teams! It is a very popular off-road course, team of three and approximately a 2 mile loop around Dearnford Lake and the surrounding fields and woodland to keep the route exciting!

Photographic Approach

Before the race kicks of I love going around getting some team photos. When the race starts I get myself into couple of spots to keep an eye on the runners who are looking promising for winning positions. Getting in on the action in the exchange box its really exciting as everyone is swopping over and also capturing the expressions of the supporters!

Overall the evening is great event and it brings all abilities together. Supporters and communities in Whitchurch come in the masses and I love being a Shropshire Event Photographer for it.

At the end of the photo collection, you will see the winners of the event with their awards and the ladies team have won it for the fifth year running!

Venue Details

Race HQ, start and finish is at:

Dearnford Lake,



SY13 3JQ.

Enjoy having a browse through the photos!!


first leg runners starting the dearnford lake grocontinental relay race

team photo for MEE-FIT with Dearnford Lake Whitchurch Shropshire in the backgroundhusband and wives teams group photo at dearnford lake before the racerunners and supporters getting ready in front of dearnford lake's coffee shopwhitchurch whippets team chatting and laughing before the event at dearnford laketwo male runners chatting before the event at dearnford lake whitchurch shropshireclose up of the back of the whitchurch whippets running vest - red and white - shropshire event photographergroup of mum friends having a team photo before the dearnford lake grocontinental relay race beginslocal whitchurhc ladies team photo before the event at dearnford lake - shropshire event photographercombermere abbeys running team - getting ready before dearnford lake grocontinental relay racerunners and supports getting ready before dearnford lake grocontinental relay race with dearnford lake in the backgroundcandid shot of one of the runners laughing before the event beginsathletic club team photo at dearnford lake grocontinental relay race - event photographerblack and white dogs greeting each other having a sniff- furry supporters for the eventmixed team of three for dearnford lake grocontinental relay race - shropshire photographerrace organiser talking with a running club team just before the race at dearnford lake, whitchurch, shropshirecombermere abbey team runner - stretching his arms and warming up before the running eventcandid photo of a dad and his daughter and son runner or even pretending to have a raceteam photo of all the squad with dearnford lake in the background, grocontinetal male running team at whitchurch whippets running event at dearnford laketeam photo of a local team with dearnford lake scenery in the backgroundladies team running in the dearnford lake running relay 2016whitchurch whippets organiser and supporter candid shot before the deanford lake event beginsmee-fit ladies team photo in their black club vests at dearnford lake relay 2016telford harriers mixed team photo in club kit before the dearnford relay eventstarting line at the dearnford lake relay event 2016 - shropshire photographerrunner at the start line giving supporters the thumbs up at dearnford lake relaycandid photo of a runner smiling on looking at the event about to begin - shropshire running eventrunners watching the event before its there turn to run, shropshire running eventfastest runners all lined up at the start of the event at dearnford lake relaythe runners just starting off on the whistle at grocontinental dearnford lake eventrunners starting to get out of the exchange box and heading towards the 2
mile loop at dearnford lakerunners passing and running the first leg of the event -charlotte giddings photographythe rest of the masses crossing the starting line at the dearnford lake running eventmee-fit ladies team photo in black club vests- charlotte giddings photographylarge dog looking at the runners going past - charlotte giddings photographyfastest male - shot running past with greenery in the background - in the leadmixture of men and ladies running at the dearnford lake event - runner waving back at the crowdfirst leg runners running along the track with woodlands in the background- dearnford lake relaymixture of club runners at the grocontinental running event 2016selection of shropshire running club members running the first leg of the relay event happy runner smiling at the supporters listening to musicview of dearnford lake with relay runners running in the distanceveteran runner watching runners from a picturesque view point at dearnford lake - 2016male club runner on the home straight to the exchange box at dearnford lake running relayfirst male coming in to finish the first leg of the event at dearnford lake relayfastest juniour runner in action at the dearnford lake relay 2016telford harrier junior on the home straight finishing the first relay leg for him teamrunner coming in on the last few hundred metres at the relay event, whitchurch shropshirewhitchurch whippet finishing the first lap for the team at whitchurch relay eventteam members on looking for runners to support and watching the eventyoung boy watching the dearnford lake relay event whitchurch shropshirelady starting the second leg of the event for her team at dearnford lake relaytelford harrier lady coming in after first leg of the whitchurch eventdetermined face of runner to finish his first lap of the relay eventman with his son pointing towards the race to point some one out where they are - shropshire event photographervarious ladies applauding running in back home to the finishing linecocker spaniel watching the running event at dearnford lake, whitchurchrunners coming over the brow of the hill with the coffee shop to the right of them at dearnford lake, whitchurch, shropshirelittle girl having fun while sitting on someones shoulders at shropshire running event 2016runners making their way to the finishing line with famous dearnfod lake landmark sign in the backgroundrunners looking for their team member before setting of for their leg in the exchange box female runnerready at the line waiting for her team member to come in so she can gomale runner just setting off in the exchange box at dearford lake running eventlittle boy giving a female runner a high five as she runs past and towards the finishing linewhitchurch whippet female club runner sprinting towards the finishing lineenthusiastic female punching the air and ready to run her lap of the course - shropshire running eventfemale runner determined and pushing herself towards the finishing line - shropshire photographerwhitchurch whippets event co-ordinator on his bike smilingfemale club runners cheering on runners coming in to the finishing line -dearnford lake relay 2016whitchurch whippet runner clapping runners in to the finishing lineman with two girls taking a selfie on mobile phone at whitchurch running eventmee-fit female runner cheering on team member running in on the home straightfemale runner punching the air after a great effort from team runner finishing their lap at the running eventsouth cheshire harrier lady coming in finishing her 2 mile lap at the eventmale runner pushing himself to finish the running race at dearford lake event crowd cheering on a team member finishing their lap at the running event whitchurch - lots of excited expressionstired runners coming in to finish their lap at running event whitchurchmale runners pushing hard to make their way to the finish line with dearnford cafe in the backgroundclub runners cheering and supporting runner to the finish linesupporters in the crowd cheering on people they know at whitchurch, shrophire running event 2016female runner on the last leg for the team approaching the finishing linewhitchurch runner giving the thumbs up -feeling good after nearly finishing the last leg of the eventfemale runner looking very calm running the last leg at the dearnford lake runner event 2016female runner running to the finshing line with partner and baby running with her to the finish line - steve leanordfemale runner very close to the finish line with husband running along with her with their baby on the pram at the shropshire event whitchurchfemale runner concentrating coming up towards to finishing line at the shropshire running event very determined face on for female runner getting closer to the finishing linelady cheering team member on from with in the crowd - lots of support from the side linechocolate labrador watching the event from within the crowdsyoung boys bringing in the polls and tape from the event - dearnford lake relaysgrocontinental relay 2016 trophy plates- dearnford lake whitchurch shropshireclose up of the engraving on the trophy plates presented by the whitchurch whippets community team winners - combermere abbey
 - whitchurch shropshire running eventfastest male team winners - dearnford lake relay event 2016fastest ladies team with trophies at dearnford lake relay event 2016fastest mixed team at dearnford lake relay event 2016- winners with their trophiesfastest male winner with his trophy at grocontinental relay eventfastest female runner winner with trophy at dearnford lake - with the lake in the background


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