Friday 13th August certainly was not an unlucky one this year. Vicki and Steve finally tied the knot! Vicki and Steve were due to get married last year but due to covid it was moved to this year and it was definitely worth the wait!

Their wedding was focused around family and friends and everyone having a good time.

Vicki got ready at the beautiful Hankelow Hall which she grew up in. A gorgeous building that her parents, Beverley and Kirk Shenton have restored over the years. She got ready with her long time girl friends and her beautiful daughters.

She departed for church in a beautiful horse and carriage along the lanes from the hall, filled with neighbours waving and shouting their well wishes.

Steve, his sons and the guys got ready at their family home, pit stop at the barbers and went for some pre-drinks at the Lord Combermere before they headed to church, St. James The Great, Audlem, Cheshire for the ceremony.

Steve is a fire fighter and his colleagues quickly dashed from the ceremony to collect the fire engine, get changed and formed a guard of honour as Steve, Vicki and their children left the church as a surprise!

Vicki and Steve’s wedding reception was hosted back at Hankelow Hall and using Vicki’s sister in law to be’s cool and funky tipis (Check out Zoe’s business Cheshire Tipi Company)

The whole afternoon was relaxed with afternoon tea, bouncy castle for the children, day time fireworks and a flyby Spit Fire Plane arranged by Vicki’s dad, Kirk. It certainly caught everyones attention!

The night time party action started off the moment Vicki and Steve hit the dancefloor with superb tunes played by Ollie_jbh and played along to by Girl On Sax.

One of the most touching parts of the day was when Vicki and Steve’s boys started to get emotional and sharing tissues and after the Vicar declared they were now husband and wife all of their gorgeous children came and gave them a huge cuddle. There were not many dry eyes in sight!

Congratulations to Mr and Mrs Fellow! It was an absolute pleasure to photograph your very special day!

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hankelow hall on a summers day and love light up letters with a white feather on the dancefloor
lace wedding dress hanging in the window of hankelow hall on a summers day, charlotte giddings photography
butterfly sitting on the window, reminder of someone missing on the bride's wedding day, cheshire wedding photographer
little flower girl having flower crown put on looking very cute in the sunshine, charlotte giddings photography
bride getting hair and makeup done and all the girls toasting with champagne glasses
colour summer bouquets , one for the bride and one for their late daughters grave
bridesmaids opening their gifts from the bride, cheshire wedding photographer
bride's hair up do having last minute retouchers by Nina , cheshire makeup artist and hair
cutest flower girls in dresses from next pulling funny faces at hankelow hall
flower girl twirling in her dress in the preparation room at hankelow hall, cheshire
flower girl pinching some of mum's drink, charlotte giddings photography
mother of the bride giving daughter wedding gifts and daughter opening them at hankelow hall
bride's gifts from husband and mother of the bride
bridesmaid helping the bride with her new necklace
flower girls looking out the window where the wedding dress is hanging
Bride checking her dress over her shoulder at hankelow hall
bride putting her shoes on and beautiful emerald bracelet - cheshire wedding
bride looking back at her daughter who is taking her duties seriously and helping with the dress
alcohol shots for the girls to settle the nerves
bride applying some lipstick to her daughter's lips before leaving to get wed
flower girls giving each other a cuddle / natural photography
dad's very emotional reaction to seeing his daughter in her dress for the first time
bride with her mum and dad kirk and beverly shenton
kirk and beverly shenton / hankelow hall / reaction to seeing vicky in her wedding dress
kirk and beverly shenton looknig at each other on their daughter's wedding day at hankleow hall
bride's 13 year old staffordshire bull terrier dog, like a child to them
kirk and vicky shenton, dad and daughter getting in the horse and carriage to leace for church, St. James The Great in Audlem Cheshire
horse and carriage departing hankelow hall, cheshire
father of the bride, bride and flower girls departing hankelow hall for Audlem Church
horse and carriage leaving hankelow hall down the drive way to go to St James The Great Church, Audlem
the groom and the guys getting ready in family home in Audlem, Cheshire
groom putting on his floral patterned tie and receiving his new pocket watch from his bride
groom giving his youngest sun a massive kiss on the lips / natural photography
groomsmen all hopping in the car to go to church and the groom left laughing to himself
groom and the page boys nipping to the barbers before the church to have their hair styled in EPS Barbers, Audlem, Cheshire
groom and friends doing shots in the Lord Combermere, Audlem, Cheshire
groom and groomsmen greeting guests at the Lord Combermere and walking over to St. James The Great Church, Audlem
late guest running to the church having run to the car to get confetti
bride entering Audlem on horse and carriage for ceremony at St. James The Great, Audlem
bride arriving at St. James's Church in Audlem, Cheshire / Charlotte Giddings Photography
bride very excited to see people outside the church in audlem, cheshire // cheshire wedding photographer
Groom and groomsmen sitting on the front seats in St James's Church , Audlem
Flower girls walking down the aisle in St. James's Church, Audlem looking very excited before the bride walks down
a very excited bride reaction to seeing the groom waiting at the top of the aisle, St. James's Church, Audlem, Cheshire
groom kissing his bride when she gets to the top of the aisle at St. James's Church, Audlem

groomsmen and pageboys looking happy at the bride and groom say they vowels at st. james the great church, audlem
bride and groom holding hands in church - St. James's Church, Audlem as the vicar does a reading from the bible
bride and groom kissing after they finally have had chance to say I do after the coronavirus pandemic put delay on their long awaited wedding
bride and groom embracing with their children as they all go emotional now their parents are married
bride and groom sitting with the document now they are legally married at St. James's Church in Audlem Cheshire
Bride and Groom looking excited newly weds as they walk down the aisle and standing outside St James The Great Church, Audlem with their children
fire fighter colleagues creating the guard of honour outside St James's Church in Audlem Cheshire. Cheshire Wedding Photographer
bride and groom going through the guard of honour as guests throw confetti at St James's Church in Audlem, Cheshire
guest kissing the bride and congratulating the happy couple as they do confetti at cheshire church in audlem
father of the bride congratulating the his daughter after she got married
flower girl pushing her bouquet into her grandad's face to smell the flowers // charlotte giddings photography
guardsmen joking around with their tools and posing with the newly weds and family infront of the fire engine from audlem fire services
bridal party standing beside the fire engine from audlem fire services - charlotte giddings photography
bride and groom departing on horse and carriage from st james church, audlem
dad playing around wearing daughter's flower grown and she not looking too amused!
wedding reception, cheshire tipi company set up their increcible tipi
bride and groom arriving in their horse and carriage for the wedding reception at Hankelow Hall Cheshire
bride and groom parking up at Hankelow Hall, Cheshire ready for their wedding reception and party!
bride and groom standing looking at one another by horse and carriage at Hankelow Hall, Cheshire // Cheshire Wedding Photographer
bride and groom looking adoringly at one another walking in front of Hankelow Hall, Cheshire
Vicki and Steve looking at one another by horse and carriage at the Shenton Family Home, Hankelow Hall, Cheshire
Bride and Groom with the horse and carriage that brought them from St. James's Church, Audlem to Hankelow Hall, Cheshire
Bride and Groom standing with their gorgeous 7 children outside of Vicki's Family home, Hankelow Hall
Bridal party walking and talking outside of Hankelow Hall, Cheshire. Cheshire Wedding
Groom and all his groomsmen outside of hankelow hall, all messing around
whole group photo of all of vicky and steve's family friends outsid the cheshire tipi company set up at Hankelow Hall, Cheshire
guests kissing the person next to them as they all have a bit of fun whilst doing the whole group photo at Vicky and Steve's wedding reception at Hankelow Hall
speeches performed by vicky's closest long life friends at wedding reception at Hankelow Hall, Cheshire
Vicky looking at her dad Kirk Shenton as he talks about her in his speech at Hankelow Hall, Cheshire
Guests laughing at the speeches at Vicky and Steve's wedding at Hankelow Hall, Audlem, Cheshire
more guest laughing at the speeches at the wedding reception of Vicky and Steve at Hankelow Hall, Cheshire
bride and groom clanging glasses and saying cheers in the toasts during the speeches at their wedding reception in cheshire
bride and groom walking together looking at each at hankelow hall
bride and groom having a moment away from guests in the gardens of hankelow hall
bride and groom kissing in golden hour at cheshire wedding
bride and groom kissing in the grounds with hankelow hall in the background
bride and groom chilling in the temple at the end of the gardens at hankelow hall
bride and groom sat in temple at the end of the gardens at hankelow hall
bride and groom walking hand in hand at hankelow hall
bride and groom walking hand in hand back to their cheshire wedding reception
split fire fly over hankelow hall at vicki and steve's wedding reception
funny moments between guest laughing out loud at hankelow hall, cheshire
bride and groom plunging the start button at hankelow hall for day time fireworks
day time fireworks set off for the guests at hankelow hall
bride and groom in the fields outside hankelow hall with a beautiful cheshire sunset
happily ever after neon sign and the bride and groom looking adoringly at each other
bride and groom and guests dancing the night away in cheshire tipi reception at hankelow hall
bride and groom and wedding guests dancing the night to music played by the dj at their cheshire wedding reception // cheshire wedding photographer
more dancing in the tipi at hankelow hall for vicki and steve's cheshire wedding
lots of dance floor action as muscians play on the saxophone and bongos // charlotte giddings photography
wedding guests having a blast at vicki and steve's cheshire wedding at Hankelow Hall
bride and wedding guests clowning around in the photo booth at hankelow hall, cheshire


Church: St James The Great, Audlem
Venue: Hankelow Hall
Tipi: @cheshiretipicompany
Videography: @marry_me_films
Florist: Salina Rose Flowers
Dress: @martinalianabridal from @shropshirecountrybrides
Accessories: @ivoryandco
Bridesmaid dresses: Sorrella Vita from @shropshirecountrybrides
Suit: @platts_menswear
Cake: @jos_couturecakes
Hair & Makeup: @weddinghairideas
Catering: @harveysfarmhousecatering
Entertainment: @ollie_jbh & @girl_on_sax
Shimmer wall: @sequins_and_silk
Fireworks: @blitzfireworks


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