The Confetti Shot – Wedding Photographer's Favourite Part Of The Day!

“The Confetti Shot”

Without hesitation, the confetti shot it one of my favourite shots to capture as a wedding photographer. Why I hear you ask? Because it is a shot that captures fun, emotion, excitement, colour, and a bit of chaos amongst that!

autumn combermere abbey with glasshouse confetti shot - wedding photographer shropshire

A few tips to get the best confetti shot

Leave it to us!

Once you have said “I do!” and exchanged wedding rings – the formalities are out of the way, you walk down the aisle officially Mr and Mrs!

At this point all your wonderful guests – family and friends are so incredibly excited to see you and congratulate you! These are such lovely moments and great photographs to capture as a wedding photographer. Lots of expressive moments which you really can not beat.

After these moments, between me and my second shooter (and perhaps the help of your bridal party depending on the size of your wedding) we will politely ask if everyone would mind forming two lines – outside the church or your wedding venue. Confetti will be have been handed out and away you go! Walking through the magical moment of cheering and confetti thrown over you as newly weds is great fun and then you are able to make your way to your wedding car/wedding reception.

(All of the above is all unknown to you, this is discreetly done so you can enjoy the moment. Trust us and let us organise and capture this for you!)

Do you know the history of confetti?

“The tradition of throwing confetti over the bride and groom comes from Italy. Before paper confetti, there were flowers, petals, grain or rice thrown at the happy couple, to bestow prosperity and fertility”

To achieve a good confetti shot

To ensure we get the shot, we do need confetti! Guests are decreasing bringing confetti to a wedding, so the best way to ensure we get the shot is to make sure there is some for everyone to throw! Shropshire Petals are a Shropshire based company supplying homegrown biodegradable natural petal confetti. Ebay is also just as good also for biodegradable petals too.

Throw it all in a basket for your bridesmaids/flower girls to hand around and get your guests to grab a hand full, or cones are just as good. (We just need to ensure your guests throw it up so it all can get out of the cone!)

Finally we have got this!

Enjoy the fun moment, and the funniest thing is, you will be finding the confetti later on!!

Me and my second shooter have had our fair share of a confetti dusting too.

The confetti shot I think is a shot to be missed and if your vicar in particular doesn’t like the idea of it, we can explain its biodegradable, or we can source a new location to do it. Either we make sure everyone is happy, and discreetly done!

guests at sacey, france wedding watching - confetti shot - destination photographerbride and groom laughing after confetti shot - shropshire photographerconfetti with expressive bride and groom - cheshire wedding photographerbride and groom photo at montgomery wedding - shropshire wedding photographerconfetti gun shot - first dance - iscoyd park wedding venuetern hill hall hotel confetti shot inside - charlotte giddings photographyconfetti throw outside burleydam church, shropshire wedding photographerconfetti shot at combermere abbey - autumn wedding - charlotte giddings


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