Wedding Photographer Wales – Sally and Gareth, Bronington Church and Marquee Wedding

Sally and Gareth’s Bronington Church and Marquee Wedding – Wedding Photographer Wales

We had a fabulous time photographing over the boarder as  a Wedding Photographer Wales. I really can not believe how quick Sally and Gareth’s Wedding went!

Sally and Gareth have been together for 12 years and Sally could not believe when Gareth proposed (eventually! – Gareth got down on one knee and Sally started wedding planning right away!)


bride very excited pointing to her finger with wedding ring on it - charlotte giddings photography

Photographer’s Dream!

Sally did not literally stop smiling all day, photographer’s dream! Some how in between planning the wedding with Gareth, she also managed to do some of her own flowers – check out her bouquet, those peonies are to die for my favourite flower too!! Sally has her own business, Flower’s By Sally, and to be photographing her wedding I was truly touched when she asked me to be Wedding Photographer Wales as she has met plenty of others on the wedding scene!

Sally and Gareth loved finding local suppliers to Bronington to help create their dream day and it was great to work with a fantastic bunch as usual! I find it so important to work with like minded people to want to achieve the best the possible can for the bride and groom to have an incredible wedding day.

The morning went like a dream. Sophie and Sarah who did Sally and the girl’s make-up are true professionals too. They full filled hair and makeup in a timely manner. For me this is gave me plenty of time to do some photographs of Sally, with her family and also Bridesmaids. Also a chance to sit down an relax!

Bronington Church, Wales Wedding

I love Bronington Church! Proper quaint village church, beautifully looked after (it actually has an award!) and lovely vicar. The natural light in the church was fantastic!

Sally and Gareth spent a lot of time working on the marquee and all the time and energy they put into the decor really paid off – checkout the photos for ideas! Beautifully dec-ed out for he guests for the wedding breakfast and the evenings party!

Thank your for having me along you beautiful bunch as your wedding photographer Wales! Enjoy your amazing honeymoon and looking forward to starting work on your wedding album when you have picke out your favourites!


Hair and Make Up: Sophie Bruno and her assistant, Sarah Mellor

Flowers: Flower’s by Sally

Dress: Dolly Blue Bridal Studios

Cake: Bear’s Bakes

Band: Blozone

Marquee Decor: TMS Venue Decor

Bentley Car: Alsager Wedding Cars

Ice Cream Van: Austin’s Ices

Videographer: Video Active

sign pointing to the church - bronington church, wedding photographer shropshireview of bronington church from the lake - shropshire photographerview of marquee, marquee wedding in bronington, walesmarquee decor - summer flowers in milk churn outsdei marqueeclose shot of hydrangea flowers in milk churn - marquee wedding decorphoto of marquee set up for marquee wedding, waleslarge love filled with flowers - marquee decor - wedding walesplace setting at marquee wedding - shropshire wedding photographerplacing setting for groom at marquee wedding - wedding photographer waleshomemade chocolate cake for mr and mrs jones - wales marquee weddingbbeautiful bouquet containing peonies, hydrangeas and roses - charlotte giddings photographylove is the heart of the home sign in bronington home - wedding photographer shropshiresilver wedding shoe with love note - wedding photographer shropshirebeaming smile from bridesmaid during bridal prep at home - marquee wedding walesbridesmaid opening gift from bride and laughing out loud - shropshire wedding photographerbridesmaid looking at bride having makeup done during bridal prep at homevery happy bride having makeup and hair done by sophie bruno makeup artist - whitchurch photographerdetail shot of makeup artist concentrating on eyes - marquee wedding photographermakeup artist doing brides lipstick - shropshire wedding photographermother of the groom having hair and makeup done - charlotte giddings photographymother of the bride greeting her good friend at home - charlotte giddings photographymother of the bride extremely excited to see brides best friend - charlotte giddings photographyportrait of bride in her wedding dress in natural light - charlotte giddings photographya super excited bridesmaid seeing her sister in her wedding dress - shropshire wedding photographerbridesmaid putting on brides necklace - looking very happy - shropshire wedding photographerbride with her bridesmaid sisters - candid photo laughing at each othermother of the bride very emotional seeing the bride for the first time - wedding photographer shropshirevery happy mother of the bride and father of the bride seeing their daughter ready for her wedding daybride and father of the bride looking at one another - wedding photographer walesbridesmaids and friends looking up the stairs to see the bride coming downportrait of the bride in natural light looking extremely happy - wedding photographer shropshirefull length shot
 of the bride in natural light at home, ready to go to bronington church, walesbride and friend very excited to see one another, ready to go to church - shropshire wedding photographergroom helping his son put his cufflinks on before bronington church weddingpage boy putting on his jacket to go to bronington church - charlotte giddings photographygroom getting ready and putting on his waist coat before church wedding bronington - shropshire wedding photographergroom putting on his jacket, groom prep, wedding photographer walesdetail shot of the groom doing the buttons on his waistcoat - charlotte giddings photographygroom putting his son's button hole on his jacket - wedding photographer wales - charlotte giddings photographyportrait of the groom looking very happy before he leaves for bronington church, charlotte giddings photographygroom, best man and page boy looking col wearing sunglasses next to wedding car - hanmer arms hotel - shropshire photographerhygrangea flowers decorating the gate of the church - shropshire wedding photographerwheat tied with ribbon decorating the church in natural light, bronington churchhandcrafted order of services for bronington church weddingbride laughing with bridesmaid outside family home - bronington wedding walesmother of the groom looking delighted at bride before church wedding, Bronington Churchfather of the bride helping bride with dress as they walk to the wedding car, shropshire wedding photographerbentley wedding car outside front of bronington marquee wedding - charlotte giddings photographyvery excited bride waving out of the window as she arrives at bronington churchfather of the bride opening the door for bride at bronington church wedding, walesguest helping bride with her dress as she enters bronington church, shropshire wedding photographergroom sat in the pugh in bronington church waiting for his bridebridesmaid walking down the aisle in bronington church - wedding photographer shropshirevery excited bride to see the groom waiting in bronington church - charlotte giddings photographybride and groom and father of the bride exchanging smiles seeing each other for the first time on their wedding day at bronington church , wales wedding photographerphoto from the back of bronington church of the bride and groom holding hands and listening to the vicar, shropshire wedding photographerphoto from the alter of the wedding party singing a hymn in bronington church, shropshire wedding photographerbride and groom holding hands in bronington church, wedding photographer, charlotte giddings photogarphybride and groom cheekily looking at one another in bronington church, wedding photographer shropshireexchanging of rings in bronington church wedding service - charlotte giddings phot
ographybride and groom kissing in bronington church wedding ceremony taken from the back of church - wedding photographer shropshiredelighted bride and groom now mr and mrs - wedding service bronington church - shropshire photographerthe whole congregation during the service at bronington church - wedding photographer walesbride groom and best man listening to the vicar talking in bronington church wedding ceremonyvery proud mother of the groom with delighted expression sat in bronington church - shropshire wedding photographervery happy vicar prompting the organist to play another verse - bronington church wedding service - wedding photographercandid photo of a curious little girl during church wedding ceremony bronington church walesexcited bride pointing to her finger with a ring on it - wedding service bronington church - charlotte giddings photographyexcited bride and groom walking down the aisle bronington church, wedding photographer walesboth bride and groom super happy standing in the door way of bronington church - charlotte giddings photographyvery happy bride and groom in bronington church, wales door way - shropshire wedding photographerguest very excited to congratulate the bride outside of bronington churchmother and daughter smiling looking at the bride outside bronington church weddingfriend congratulating the bride outside church - wedding in wales bronington churchelderley relative excited to see the groom - candid shot outside bronington churchgroom greeting guests outside bronington church - shropshire wedding photographertwo young boys playing in church grounds bronington church - wales wedding photographerconfetti being thrown over the bride and groom outside of bronington churchbentley wedding car outside bronington church - shropshire wedding photographerbride giving her son a kiss at hamner lake - whitchurch wedding photographerbride's son looking at the camera while standing next to his mum the bride - shropshire wedding photographerbride, groom and son portrait by hanmer mere - wales wedding photographerbride and groom portrait looking happy by hanmer mere - wedding photographer shropshirebride and groom laughing with each other at hanmer mere - wedding photographer walesgroom looking at his beautiful bride at hanmer mere - shropshire photographerdetail shot of the brides bouquet and arm around grooms waist 0 wedding photographer shropshirebride and groom portrait looking at one another and the wind catching her veil - shropshire wedding photographerbride and groom portrait full length amongst the buttercups at hanmer meregroom altering the bride's necklace - candid moment - photographed from in between the buttercups- charlotte giddings photographybride and groom looking at each other walking out of the field - charlotte giddings photographybride and groom with the bentley wedding car parked outside their bronington wedding marqueebride and groom together by their bentley wedding car at their marquee in bronington - charlotte giddings photographerlittle boy playing hide and seek with bubble gun - candid moment charlotte giddings photographywedding guest playing with bubbles at marquee wedding reception - charlotte giddings photographybride and groom with parents - family photo outside of family home-shropshire wedding photographerbride and groom family photos outside of family home bronington wedding - wales wedding photographergroom with his mum - candid photo - outside family home - bronington marquee weddingcandid photo of guests having a good time at bronington marquee wedding waleswhole group photo out the front of bronginton marquee wedding - charlotte giddings photographyguests laughing during whole group photo - wales wedding - charlotte giddings photographynatural photo of guest smiling while sat in the marquee wedding reception - charlotte giddings photographyguests clapping the bride and groom into marquee wedding breakfast - charlotte giddings photographyfather of the bride doing his speech in wales marquee wedding receptionmother of the groom laughing at father of the bride speech - shropshire wedding photographergroom making his speech and bride smiling - charlotte giddings photographybride and groom having a kiss during toast from the guests - charlotte giddings photographybride presenting a gift to her new husband - a fisherman lives here with the best catch of his life - shropshire photographerbride and groom showing of gifts from the bride during a confetti shower - marquee wedding walesgrandad chip serving up evening food - fish and chips - marquee wedding photographerguest arriving for evening do and shaking hands with another guest - charlotte giddings photographyfemale guest laughing with child at evening celebrations at wales marquee weddingbridesmaid giggling outside on summer evening marquee wedding photographerbridal party photo of bridesmaids,ushers and bride and groom walking in beautiful walm sunlight - charlotte giddings photographyview of cows from kitchen window, charlotte giddings photographyice cream arriving at marquee wedding venue - shropshire wedding photographerboy playing football with a determind face - photographer shropshiredetail shot of child holding ice cream with personlised wafer - charlotte gididngs photographyevening guest congratulating bride at marquee wedding walesmother of the bride giving a little girl a huge cuddle - charlotte giddings photographywedding guest putting on brides veil and laughing - charlotte giddings photographyblack and white photo of bride and groom doing first dance during marqu
ee wedding walescolour photoof bride and groom looking at one another - wedding photographer shropshirewedding guest joining in with first dance with bride and groom - wedding photographer shropshirewedding band blozone in action at wedding venue bronington marquee photographerbridesmaid dancing to the music at wedding marquee weddingbridesmaids dancing to the evening entertainment 206guest raising arms in the air to dance to the music - charlotte giddings photographyfemale guests dancing to the band - wedding photographer shropshirecouple dancing away to music they enjoy and cant stop looking at each othersome of the boys - dancing really expressive faces - wedding photographer shropshire



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