Whitchurch Shropshire Family Photographer – The Shaw Family

Whitchurch Shropshire Family Photographer – Lucy, Andrew + Emmy

Earlier on in the year, I ran a competition on my Facebook page to win a Whitchurch Shropshire Family Photographer for a shoot of you choice. Randomly selected, The Shaw Family were my winners!

We utilised a beautiful picturesque part of Whitchurch – The Greenfields Nature Reserve which links down to the Shropshire Union Canal. The buttercups were out creating an amazing sea of yellow in the first lot of photos and then rescued horses that frolic in the fields and were incredibly friendly that we got photos with them too!

The family dogs came along to for a bit of photo action, it was so lovely to capture the relationships that Lucy, Andrew and Emmy have with them. They are a massive part of their family too.

My approach was the same as all my other shoots that I let Emmy guide us and we went with the flow of that. It is great to get a family photo in the bag near the beginning of the shoot and then its great to let the kids be kids. Let their character shine through. If they strop/have a melt down, it is what it is – which can also make great photos too!

With an approach this wey, it keeps the kids interested and I am happy to work around them. When they are playing and like Emmy I follow them from a distance and capture the kids in beautiful light and lovely moments.

family of three and two dogs amongst a sea of yellow bittercups looking at one another various photos with golden labrador dog looking at owner amongst lots of yellow buttercups little girl jumping around in a sea of buttercups in a field - Whitchurch Shropshire Family Photographer little looking adorable amongst lots of buttercups in whitchurch nature reserve golden spaniel looking up at the camera - whitchurch, shropshire family photographer black and white photo of little girl looking at the camera while standing in a field looking deep in thought little girl walking ahead of her dad looking amused and also standing in the tree - Whitchurch Shropshire Family Photographer mum making a fuss of white horse - friendly in the field mum and daughter sat on the grass with a brown horse making a fuss of them -whitchurch family photographer family sitting next to a horse giving it some attention in a field on whitchurch greenfields nature reserve little girl standing next to a horse both looking into the distance- Whitchurch Shropshire Family Photographer various shots of family of three interacting with each other and dog running towards them daughter with dad alone and also with mum, giggling amongst themselves little girl sat on a gate and laughing out loud with mum photos taken from behind at family walk through the fields - whitchurch, shropshire family photographer little girl looking over at her mum and dad with beautiful pink flowers in the foreground little girl jumping of a mound of soil and hair looking fantastic as it goes in the air little girl landing as she jumps off a mount of soil, long hair going up in the air liltte girl amongst the greenery jumping around - whitchurch, shropshire, family photography black and white photo of daughter looking up at her dad and gorgeous moment little girl looking through the trees - whitchurch, photographer family photographer little girl walking along with her golden labrador - beautiful moment as they walk together dad lifting his daughter up in the air on his shoulder giving a fire mans lift concentrating face as little girls eyes up hope to climb a gate - Whitchurch Shropshire Family Photographer photo taken from behind as daughter is cuddling from behind

Please feel free to look at more family shoots on the blog. I think its so important to capture photos of you and your family and for someone to do it for the parents to so they can be in on the action! I purposefully arrange a shoot for me and my family with professional photographers at least once a year, I want photos with my little ones and want them to have photos with me too to look back on and rememeber good times!

Please drop me an email info@charlottegiddingsphotography.co.uk or contact me on my contact page if you would like to know more info or book your shoot!



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