Alderford Lake Event Photographer – Grocontinental Relay 2017

Grocontinental Relay 2017 – Alderford Lake Event Photographer

Thursday 13th July 2017 – the 6th year this fantastic organised  event has been running at the newly renamed and rebranded Alderford Lake (formely known as Dearford Lake). The event was a sell out almost 90 teams! It was a delight to be an Alderford Lake Event Photographer, however I will not lie, I was itching to go for a run myself! (as some of you may know, I am a runner too! More about that on my about me page!)

Perfect running conditions that evening – overcast and cool. The past few years has been HOT! (Check out last years coverage when we were blessed with a great summers evening too!!)

Regular Faces

It was great to meet my dear friend Joe. I have got to know him over the years (and his daughter is a photographer too!) A dear gentleman who comes and supports the Helsby Running Club teams who enter. We have met each other every year on a little “bund”hill on the edge of the lake which gives a great view point to see the runners coming from the cafe and towards the bend for the home straight! It has been a bit of an in joke now.. Hope to see you next year Joe!

Local Sponsors

Grocontinental supported the Whitchurch Whippets Running Club with sponsorship once again to make this a super event. (They have a great works turn out too!) It has definitely made its mark on the running events map in the area.

Thank you Whitchurch Whippets for having me along once again, great to support you with photographic coverage and see you next year!



whtchurch whippets team photo various team photos from alderford lake event photographer mena and ladies teams at alderford lake event 2017 photo of team having their photo taken by alderford lake - shropshire wedding photographer runners ans supporters making their way to the start line - adeford lake event photographer people walking to the start at aldeford lake 2017 - charlotte giddings photography additional team photos near the adlerford lake start line - shropshire event photographer man stretching and team shots - alderford lake event photographer whitchurch whippets team photo - alderford lake event photographer large team photo at alderford lake - shropshire photographer grocontinental relay 2017 team photo - charlotte giddings photography dog portrait at alderford lake 2017 start of the alderford lake 2017 event runners coming around the first bend at alderford lake relay 2017 runners on the first leg at alderford lake running event relay 2017 supporters at aldeford lake running event 2017 - charlotte giddings photography whide shot of the first leg at shropshire running event 2017

leading men on the first leg at alderford lake running event 2017

fastest lady in aldeford lake event 2017 photographer another view point of alderford lake 2017 kids playing at whitchurch running event and dogs exchange area at alderford lake running event 2017 female runner exchanging with new member of the team whitchurch whippet leaving the exchange area second leg lady for fastest team in alderford lake relay 2017 lots of supports at aldeford lake relay - shropshire event photographer little girl and her daddy watching mum run at whitchurch running event little boy finishing alderford relay with his mum running waiting in the exchange area at shropshire event - alderford lake men coming over the finish line at whitchurch whippets running event whitchurch whippet lady waiting for her team menmber to come in - shropshire photographer little girl cheering her mummy over the finish line runners family and friends supporting runners during the running event . whitchurch runners at whitchurch whippets running event - shropshire event photographer runners at the alderord lake running event 2017 runner coming in towards the finiishing line and team cheering her on runners in action - shropshire running event photographer children cheering runners in - alderford lake event photographer runners cheering from the finishing line - aldeford lake event photographer runners coming in at alderford lake event photographer 2017 whitchurch whippets team checking runners in over the line - charlotte giddings photography bbq fired up after the relay event - shropshire photographer bbq post event for the runners - charlotte giddings phtotography wide shot of everyone waiting at alderford lake for the medal presentation trophies ready for alderford lake relay presentation winners of categories at aldeford lake relay event additional winners of categories at grocontinental running event winners in categories at shropshire running event winners of categories at alderford lake -shropshire running event

night shot of aldefford lake in july 2017

Alderford Lake (Formerly Dearnford Lake)

Tilstock Rd,


SY13 3JQ


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