This was a super wedding to photograph! Beth and Ian got married in the day and I photographed their evening reception at the Lake Vyrnwy Hotel. It is my first time to this wonderful venue as a Lake Vyrnwy Hotel Wedding Photographer.

Beth is a personal trainer and dance teacher. Unknown to Ian, Beth had choreographed a couple of dance routines with one of her classes. The ladies were invited as guests and to kick off  the evening celebrations they performed a dance routine!

Beth joined in for the next song which was just ace to capture!

After a cracking start to the evening celebrations, everyone continued to have a smashing evening! Beth and Ian’s friends made a superhero photo booth for them which looked ace and attracted many guests. Their wedding cake fitted in with their theme too!

Beth and Ian had told all their guests there was no way they were doing a first dance either, but the surprises continued to come and they danced to “Dirty Dancing” that evening which was very entertaining! I loved their huour as Beth went to lift Ian as Patrick Swayze does in the famous film!

After the “unofficial” first dance I took Beth and Ian outside for a few portraits in the rain to finish off the coverage of a super evening! Wishing you a life time of happiness together Beth and Ian and thank you for asking me to be your Lake Vyrnwy Hotel Wedding photographerI

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bride in vintage dress and head piece announcing wedding is starting on the microphone, lake vynwy hotel groom looking shocked as his wife announces wedding evening surprise on the band microphone at lake vyrnwy group of dancing women with arms in the air at lake vyrnwy performing to an audience two ladies holding hands during a set piece of dancing performing to wedding guests at lake vyrnwy dancer embracing the bride after performing infront of wedding guests - charlotte giddings photography lake vyrnwy hotel photographer two ladies looking at each other pleased they have just performed at dance teachers wedding at lake vyrnwy Bride and groom looking adoringly at each other at evening wedding reception at lake vyrnwy ladies exchanging a satisfying and proud glance at each other as they perform to a crowd at lake vyrnwy wedding ladies dancing and in thought as they hold an entwined hand movement in their performance at lake vyrnwy bride and groom clapping as they are so pleased with performance at their wedding at lake vyrnwy hotel large group of ladies performing in large room at lake vyrnwy hotel ladies loving the dancing as they kick their legs out and strike a pose at lake vyrnwy ladies dancing across the hall at lake vyrnwy with arms out part of the routine bride and class members waving arms in the air as they dance away to the crowd at lake vyrnwy wedding bride thoroughly enjoying herself waving arms around in the air dancing at wedding lake vyrnwy bride and dancing class performing a different dance move in synch bride so happy watching all her class performing together at her wedding party at lake vyrnwy bride and groom super happy as they dance around at their wedding while their guests enjoy themselves bride and groom amongst their guests dancing away to the live band at lake vyrnwy wedding bride dancing with friends showing off her red shoes at lake vyrnwy wedding group photo with the bride showing off her red shoes and garter - lake vyrnwy wedding charlotte giddings photography bride looking surprised as she looks at friend on phone on her wedding day at lake vyrnwy hotel bride waving to friend on phone excitedly at lake vyrnwy wedding - evening do bride dancing away with little girl swishing hair as they dance around at lake vyrnwy evening do -charlotte giddings photography bride and flower girl swishing out big white dresses on the dance floor at lake vyrnwy wedding bride posing with red trainers on the dance floor at lake vyrnwy hotel marvel themed cake at lake vyrnwy hotel wedding - charlotte giddings photography bride with a group of girlfriends squeezing each other and cheering lake vyrnwy hotel wedding bride and groom posing with their custom made super hero themed photo booth frame at lake vyrnwy hotel wedding wedding party posing in super hero themed photo booth - with super hero props at lake vyrnwy wedding large group of guests posing with super hero themed props and frame at lake vyrnwy hotel wedding  bride and groom dancing alone and having a moment at lake vyrnwy wedding bride and groom slow dancing in other room from the dance floor nice and close - lake vyrnwy hotel wedding bride dancing with friends at wedding evening do at lake vyrnwy hotel  lady enjoying herself at the wedding party on the dance floor at lake vyrnwy hotel   bride giggling on the dancefloor as the groom whispers into her ear lake vyrnwy hotel charlotte giddings photography bride and groom dancing, groom about to pull bride back in as they dance to dirty dancing theme tune bride and groom dancing close together on the dance floor as perform their surprise first dance at lake vyrnwy wedding bride and groom walking togther arms around one another performing dance at wedding at lake vyrnwy sexy dancing between bride and groom as they rock the dance floor at their lake vyrnwy wedding evening reception bride jokingly going to catch the groom performing famous scene in dirty dancing bride lifting the groom for a joke during their first dance at wales wedding venue lake vyrnwy hotel groom spinning out bride as the dance in front of their guests at lake vyrnwy wedding reception groom down on his knees as bride sexy walks towards him on the dancefloor at wales wedding reception lake vyrnwy   guest playing air guitar on the dance floor enjoying herself lots of expressive faces on the dance floor singing and enjoying themselves girl dancing enjoying herself in the middle of the dance floor girls laughing on the dancefloor at lake vyrnwy hotel wedding evening reception do charlotte giddings photography ladies laughing as another lady peaks up from the photo booth as a surprise at lake vyrnwy hotel wedding girls photo booth photo with expressive faces and super hero props - charlotte giddings photography bride's mum giving her a kiss on her cheek in the super hero photo booth lake vyrnwy wedding night time rain photo of the groom kissing the bride on the forehead at lake vyrnwy wedding out on the decking final shot of the night with bride and groom in the rain looking lovingly into ecah others eye at lake vyrnwy wedding


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