Aneira and Robyn got married in June at their beautiful local chapel in Aberhosan, Macchynlleth and back to their home marquee, which was at the farm with stunning views.. They had their wedding in Machynlleth ceremony at the local chapel which Aneira travelled to in a beautiful red E-Type Jaguar.  They chose their at home marquee because it’s their family home and also the beautiful views. I love shooting weddings in Wales because the surroundings are stunning and the people are just wonderful. The venue was just fantastic, lots of lovely personal details referring to music, family and traditional welsh items. Aneira’s parents run a holiday cottage business and I loved the fact they took all the sofas and chairs out of the properties to make an amazing seating area for everyone to sit down and have a drink!!

The wedding itself was a church service in a stunning chapel in a little village. During the ceremony there were such wonderful Welsh Hymns and had me fighting back the tears! I have never felt such a patriotic crowd and it sent the biggest shivers down my spine!. It was so emotional.

The reception was in a beautifully decorated marquee – vintage inspired, and they had a cocktail drinks reception in the afternoon, and a live band in the evening. They decorated the venue with bunting and musical items, because they work in the music industry. For dinner they served a roast dinner, which was absolutely delicious.They got all the guests involved with dinner too!

The first dance Robyn and Aneria sang to each other which was a complete surprise for their guests, and I finished off the evening with sparklers.

The most memorable bit about the day was the ceremony, because I simply have not heard live singling like that in church before! It actually made me speechless as I have never heard people sing so beautifully and with such power before/. They also had incredibly funny speeches during the reception – it was hilarious! I really wish I could speak Welsh too! I loved listening to everyone speak Welsh all day, not a really a clue what they were saying until I heard words like “Jager Bomb!’ and ‘Discovery Car!” and thought it must be a funny story!

Aneira wore the most beautiful dress – look at all that amazing beading on her back in the photos and Robyn wore a wonderful suit with a wool waistcoat and pink wool tie and they looked great. Aneira’s shoes were so sparkly and her favourite addition to her outfit. Robyns’s cufflinks were a lovely little touch to his suit -a little gifts from Aneira..

Aneira and Robyn got in touch with me when they saw Cheryl and Ian’s wedding that I shot in Montgomery, Wales (click here to check out their wedding) and their enquiry was really touching. They said they wanted a relaxed photographer, and I loved that they were so relaxed too!

Aneira and Robyn’s wedding in Machynlleth was everything I love about weddings and was such a laugh. Here’s their stunning wedding!

Machnynlleth marquee wedding set up in the morning, blue sky and wedding flowers and Croeso signage sofa seating area in the marquee, hand made seating plan and crate and foliage lighting personlised handmade biscuits with handstitched nam place settings for the bride and groom vibrant colour flowers with lots of bright pinks, purples and cream for venue decor beautiful summers day with blue sky, sun and stunning view of wales - really clear day various colourful floral arrangements of pink and purple decorating the table at wedding in Machynlleth marquee close up of flower arrangement in vintage tea pot on vintage books on tables in marquee close up of bright colourful flower arrangement in vintage teapot in marquee wedding vintage wedding dress hanging outside welsh farm house with glittery sparkly shoes bride sat in natural light as she has her makeup done and colourful bride bouquet ushers getting ready in the morning putting shoes and cufflinks on bridesmaid standing by the aga in the farmhouse kitchen in her pj's and wedding hair and makeup done bridesmaid laughing with the makeup artist - funny expression - wedding in Machynlleth a bunch of red roses with written music and the mother of the bride having her hair done bride in the natural light with wedding makeup being done and looking very excited for wedding day father of the bride checking out the red e-type jaguar parked outside the family home close up photo the interior of the e-type jaguar car - wedding in Machynlleth bride bending down next to her wedding dress and looking at her wedding shoes with a big smile on her face mother of the bride picking up beading detail that clips on to a wedding dress - wedding in Machynlleth mother of the bride and bridesmaid helping the bride get on her wedding dress bride standing at the bottom of the stairs looking at her dress with lovely light flooding in detail shot of the detail in the fabric of the wedding dress and beautiful beading drapping down finishing touches with the makeup artist applying hairspray and the father of the bride looking at the bride for the first time looking ecstatic father of the bride having hairspray applied to his hair! wedding in Machynlleth the bride holding her dress up as she walks on the grass and her back looking beautiful with the beading and embroidery on the dress bride and father of the bride looking at one another lovingly with the welsh views in the background and the bride and mother of the bride looking at each other fondly with beautiful blue sky in the background mother and father of the bride candid shot of them together outside looking at each other bridesmaids all together looking at one another all ready to go to church in pink bridesmaids dresses - wedding in Machynlleth bridesmaids helping bride with her train as she walks to ward e-type jaguar car at the family home bride and father of the bride sat in red e-type jaguar car lookingat one another looking excited musical note cufflinks sat on the piano, groom tying up his shoe laces and doing up his tie in the mirror little page boy wedding wedding ready standing next to the ironing board what the boys are using to get suits ironed the groomsmen making a fuss of the page boy and giving him a big cuddle the groom having fun and striking a pose by the church of the door way at aberhosan church, Machynlleth guests arriving at aberhosan chapel, Machynlleth in bright colourful clothes family portrait of a mother and father of the groom with the groom and two brothers who are best men groom having a photo with his mum and his dad outside aberhosan chapel Machynlleth little girl peaking over the railings outside church before the bride arrives beautiful blue sky and flower archway outside the aberhosan hapel Machynlleth bride getting out of the wedding car and with the expression tah da! as she has got out of the car - wedding in Machynlleth bride linked arms with her dad and she walks towards aberhosan chapel with the beautiful red e-type jaguar and blue sky bride standing outside the doorway of white chapel with her dad before she goes in and bead detail of wedding dress bride and father of the bride about to walk into church and the groom waiting at the alter with a concentrating face aerial sot of the bride and father of the bride linked arms as he walk into aberhosan chapel - wedding in Machynlleth groom looking cheeky at his bride as she gets closer to the alter - wedding in Machynlleth bride and groom looking all giddy at each other at the top of the alter - charlotte giddings photography full photo of the church from the front of the chapel with the bride and groom looking cheeky at one another bride and groom at the front of the church and the groom laughing out loud to himself father of the groom with the biggest smile on his face as the church ceremony commences bride and groom smiling at one another with eye contact as the church ceremony is taking place bride and groom's hands exchanging rings in aberhosan chapel, Machynlleth aberhosan chapel congregation for wedding in june bride and groom exchanging a kiss at the alter in wedding in Machynlleth guests laughining holding his ear during ceremony in welsh wedding girls singing in church while the congregation listen to their beautiful singing with harp in foreground view from the back of the church girls singing in church while the bride and groom are emotional in church looking onwards groom passing a tissue to bridesmaid who is doing a reading in church emotional bride wiping tears as bridesmaid does her reading emotional mother of the bride and the groom wiping tears while the bride does the thumbs up to her sister who has done a reading church father of the groom, brother of the groom and family member get about to start singing to friends and family in church music mistro! expression as father of the groom points to the man on the organ little boy jokingly drinking from dads hip flask in church wedding in Machynlleth bride and groom singing on with passion and top of their lungs in aberhosan chapel ceremony best man cheekly kissing baby daughter on the side of the cheek with a reaction of a beautiful smile bride and groom kissing after signing the registar and walking down the aisle happy and kissing in the arch way with pitchforks ready to walk through out of the chapel bride and groom looking at one another happily as they walk through the flower arch outside church excited bridesmaid to see the bride and groom after the church ceremony closest family members coming up to the bride and groom to give them a cuddle and congratulate them older family members giggling at something very ammusing thumbs up from one of the male guests looking at the happy couple amongst the crowd confetti shot as the bride and groom walk through the guests bride and groom back in an empty church and laughing amongst themselves at something hilarious bride and groom looking at each other adoringly as they stand together in the gap between the chapel doors bride and groom framed in a beautiful chapel door way at wedding in Machynlleth newly wed couple close together as the groom whispers something funny in the brides ear lovely photo of the bride and groom kissing with the whole of aberhosan chapel and red e-type jaguar in the background bride and groom nuzzled in together up in the welsh hills with lovely mountain views in the background bride and groom giggling as the groom makes the bride laugh about carrying the umbrella amazing view of wales as the bride and groom drive away in their wedding car e-type jaguar wedding guest holding her hat as she talks to the bride boys all together with the amazing blue sky in the background groom joking around with the bride as they wait to be announced in to the wedding breakfast in marquee in Machynlleth bride and groom walking into the marquee and applauding when they get to the top table at marquee wedding groom cutting the roast beef for main meal at marquee wedding in wales chaos as all the men get their chef attire on for the main meal at wedding in Machynlleth funny speech reactions as the father of the bride does his speech and bride covering her face as she is laughing and embarrassed! guests laughing out loud as the bride grabs the mic and corrects the groom in his speech to the guests the groom and the best men doing their speeches and mother of the groom covering her face as she finds the speeches hilarious as the brothers embarrass the groom family photo on the projector as the two brothers do their speech about the groom who their is their brother bride and groom standing the family home field leaning in for a kiss with beautiful fields and blue sky