Amy and Gareth’s Chester Town Hall Wedding was last month, May Bank Holiday weekend. It was a wonderful summery wedding surrounded by amazing architecture of the Town Hall.

The Excitement Before The Wedding

Amy got ready a home with her parents, and there was such a relaxed vibe. when I meet Amy and her family for her Chester Town Hall Wedding. I meet Gareth after chatting with the Registrar and we did some lovely portraits of him in the wonderful large windows in the ceremony room. Amy wore a stunning fitted wedding dress, and Gareth wore a fitted grey suit– they looked fantastic!

The Ceremony

I was only asked to photograph a shorter part of the wedding day and some photos inside/outside Chester Town Hall. I love photographing special occasions and happy to photograph however long you like.

The ceremony took place at the Town Hall  in Chester. The ceremony area was a beautiful room upstairs in the Town Hall, which was just stunning with its amazingly large windows. The ceremony began with a beautiful reading by Amy’s sister – words from Sex and The City and another reading by Gareth’s sister. Their intimate wedding finished with a lovely kiss and walking down the aisle to meet and great their family outside the room with a glass of fizz! It was a gorgeous ceremony, full of private smiles and nervous giggles!

After the ceremony, Amy and Gareth said “Hello” to their families, which was the perfect time for me to get candid photos. Then confetti on the magnificent staircase, which made great photos. Chester Town Hall rules are confetti can only happen inside which in fact, was great – I love this rule!

After carrying out family photos, I got some beautiful couples photos outside the Town Hall Chester and then we also went back inside as it is such an amazing building. The weather was all sunshine and blue skies, which I loved!

After their Chester Town Hall Wedding, Amy, Gareth and their lovely family made their way back to the Wirral for a pub dinner and drinks going on into the evening.

groom portraits in ceremony room at chester town hall wedding in natural window light guests arriving at chester town hall wedding - charlotte giddings photography bride sat in green room of the town hall chester looking incredibly excited to get married bride with mum and dad outside the town hall having a moment before the ceremony bride with her mum, dad and sister outside with chester town hall laughing and smiling between themselves the beautiful bride amy looking outwards as she is having a moment before she goes into the building to get married wide shot of the front of the town hall and bride looking incredibly excited bride walking up the stairs at chester town hall wedding bride walking up the stairs towards the ceremony room with her dad and sister groom waiting at the top of the aisle for his beautiful bride bridesmaid walking down the aisle at chester town hall looking excited for her sister wedding bride making her towards the aisle with her dad linked arms bride looking incredibly excited when she catches first glance of her groom groom and father of the bride shaking hands when they reach the end of the aisle father of the bride giving his daughter a kiss before he gives her away at chester town hall wedding mum looking pleased as punch as bride and groom listen to the registrar during ceremony both sisters doing a readying for bride and grooms ceremonygroom placing the rings on the registrars booklet so they can do their vowels bride and groom exchanging rings during their vows and looking incredibly excited bride and groom looking smitten and their first kiss as husband and wife grandad giving his grandson a kiss whilst waiting for ceremony to finish bride and groom walking down the aisle after their chester town hall wedding bride and groom looking so incredibly happy after wedding ceremony bride and groom greeting their family members after the wedding ceremony lots of exciting expressionsconfetti being thrown over the bride and groom high on the staircase in the town hall silhouette of the bride and groom walking out of the main door at chester town hall wedding groups and family photos of bride and groom and loved ones on the steps of the chester town hall bride and groom at the top of the stairs at the town hall and lots of lovely architectural details bride looking up at the groom looking besotted with him after their wedding bride and groom looking at one another lovingly as they come down the stairs at the chester town hall bride and groom looking at each other as they walk along with the magnificent town hall in the background bride and groom snuggled in against the sandstone wall with each other looking incredibly happy black and white photo of bride and groom looking at each other shooting through the holes in the walls groom snuggled in to the bride whispering sweet nothings in her ears bride and groom standing in some beautiful natural light inside chester town hall bride and groom sat in the ceremony room holding hands in beautiful natural light bride and groom nuzzled in together smiling back at each other with reflection looking happy bride and groom walking down the grand stair case in chester town hall - charlotte giddings photographyI absolutely loved photographing their Chester Town Hall Wedding and I adored how relaxed and chilled their day was.

I hope you enjoyed looking through their coverage and if you are looking for a photographer who can offer small coverage or at Chester Town Hall, please feel free to drop me a message I would love to chat more with you!

Check out more coverage that I have done at Chester Town Hall, its such an amazing venue, click here.


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